We’ve shared with you kitchen tricks and tools that help make cooking easier and more fun (see them here and here). So today, we are sharing 3 more meal prep hacks to help save you time and up your prep game!

Soggy Berry Muffin Bottoms?

Have you ever made blueberry (or any berry) muffin, and had all of the fruit sink to the bottom or make your muffin more soggy? We hear you – we’ve done this a lot! However, we have figured out a little trick (thanks to some cooking show watching), that has helped to ensure the berries stay evenly distributed throughout the muffins while baking!

Berry Muffin recipe here

So what do you do? Take all of the berries that you need for your recipe. Then, sprinkle 1 to 2 tbsp. of flour from the recipe over the blueberries. You want to use just enough flour to coat all of the berries. Then your berries will be ready to toss into your batter and will stay afloat! Goodbye soggy bottoms!

Note, make sure you check your batter as well. Sometimes another factor can be impacting your muffins. If you are making berry muffins and have a very loose and runny batter, then your berries will probably sink to the bottom. 

Pre-freeze Smoothies

By now you probably know that we recommend peeling, slicing, and freezing bananas so you have them ready to grab for smoothies. However, lately we have been freezing our favorite smoothies ingredients in pre-done baggies. That way, when we wake up in the morning, we just dump one of the pre-made baggies ingredients into a blender, add liquid, and we’re good to go!

Choose a couple of your favorite smoothie recipes and freeze them all together ahead of time tonight so you can be ready to go all week long!

Note, if your smoothie has greens in it, you can freeze those too!

Save those Zweenies! 

Have you ever made zoodles (zucchini noodles)? Or how about sweet potato or beet pasta? Veggie pasta is all the rage right now, and although you can purchase it pre-made at the store, it can get quite expensive! We highly recommend investing in a spiralizer (our’s was $20) so you can make veggie pasta any time.

Now, if you have made zoodles before, you know that you get left with a little funky looking thing.. we like to call them zweenies! Although they are funny looking, don’t throw those bad boys away. Make sure to save them in a reusable container, and you can eat them with some hummus as a snack later in the week, or chop them up to toss into another dish that you may be cooking later on. No food goes to waste and you get more than one use out of your vegetables – it is a win-win!

What are some of your favorite prep hacks? Let us know and share a photo of your next meal prep session with us on social media at @fairburnitoff!


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