A few weeks ago we brought you 5 of our favorite healthy snacks that you can bring to work.  In this post, we are bringing you 3 of our favorite snacks for when you are left no choice but need to buy something on the go.


Unfortunately, convenience stores and smaller grocery stores have tons of unhealthy options such as candy bars, sugary drinks, and other snacks that will not curb your hunger and will leave you wanting more.  Thankfully, we have found a few pre-packaged snacks that are healthier than most, and will not leave you with hunger pains later on.  That being said, nothing takes the substitute of the whole food itself, so if left with the option, make sure to grab the apple, and avoid processed foods as much as you can!

**Note, we do not receive any compensation from the below companies in exchange for this post**

1. Lara Bars – We like Lara Bars because they pride themselves on minimal ingredients in their snack bars.  You will usually see 5 ingredients or less in the bars, with no added sugars.  The sweetness in the bar usually comes from dates, and they have many flavors from apple pie to peanut butter chocolate chip to meet different tastes.  Just be careful not to rely on these bars too much as they can be eaten very quickly, so you have less time to feel satiated, and have a higher fat content due to nuts being one of the main ingredients.

2. Dang Onion Chips – Like Lara Bars, Dang Onion Chips again have a minimal number of ingredients.  Do you notice a trend?  These onion chips have onions as the number one ingredient (imagine that!), and because the onions are the focus of this snack, they have a good amount of fiber to help fill you up.

3. Kale Chips –  I’m sure you have noticed over the last 5-10 years that kale has kind of blown up!  In a way, kale has become the symbol of healthy eating, and for good reason, as it is a vegetable with numerous health benefits.  The good news is that because of this, more snacks are starting to incorporate kale.  So if you are in a pinch and see kale chips as an option, they are usually a good bet.  As always, just make sure to read your labels to make sure loads of unnecessary salt and sugar are not added.

We hope you find these few options helpful for the next time you are in a pinch.  Just remember, if you are finding yourself in this situation too often, take a step back and see if you can plan your days better so that you have healthy food readily available.  If you need any tips, you can always reach out to us @fairburnitoff on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

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