What do palm trees and the beach have to do with pushups?  Well it’s April 1st and snowing in New England, so we are trying to think happy and warm thoughts as we wait for spring to arrive!

We are excited to share our 4 week push-up challenge below!  This challenge is designed to be done in addition to your normal workouts, and consists of just 2-3 moves per day.  This will allow you to spend time each day improving on your pushup form and upper body strength so that you can bust through those plateaus!

For those that are new to pushups, or if doing 5 pushups without dropping to your knees is a challenge, start with our “pre-week” below.  Otherwise, feel free to jump right in starting with Day 1.

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Exercise Guide by Image:


Tricep Dips

Mountain Climbers

Wide Push-Ups


Tricep Push-Ups

Diamond Push-Ups


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