Have you ever found yourself starving at work but without any snacks?  This is very common and unfortunately often results in a trip to the vending machine or an unhealthy fast food place.  It is understandable why this happens, as you can spend 8-9 hours at work, with your only meal being lunch.  Add on a commute, and there are long periods of time where you are potentially not eating and allowing unhealthy cravings to tempt you.

However, we also recognize that preparing a gourmet spread of snacks at work isn’t something in the cards for most people.  Sometimes you are in a rush just to get out the door (I know this is the case for me most mornings!).  Other times you might be traveling during the day and may not even have access to a fridge.  As a result, we have come up with 5 of our favorite healthy snacks that are easy to bring to work and will power you through your day.

1. Fruit – Fruit is a great snack to bring to work, because it requires no prep, and can often be stored anywhere.  Just grab an apple, banana (our favorite), or any number of your favorite fruits and you have a healthy, whole-food snack for when you get hungry.

2. Veggies and Hummus – Veggies and hummus are both tasty and filling – a perfect snack to hold you over in the afternoon.  You can buy a large container of hummus and keep it at work, that way you have one less thing to worry about packing in the morning, and choose any veggie(s) you like to dip.

Pecan Pie Bars from Fairburn it Off Nutrition Plan

3. Breakfast Cookies or Bars – Even if you have breakfast before you go to work, a healthy breakfast cookie or bar can be just the morning snack you need to get you to lunch.  Our Nutrition Plan has many recipes to choose from that you can make in advance so you can have snacks for all week!  A couple of our favorites are the No Bake Pecan Pie Bars and the Sweet Potato Breakfast Cookies.

4. Almonds – Almonds are a heart-healthy nut that contain good amounts of fiber and protein, not to mention the fact that they are tasty! Check out this post to see all the reasons we love almonds.

One word of caution – unless you have good self-control with almonds and other snack nuts, we recommend not bringing in a large bag of them to leave at work.  One of the nice things about bringing food to work is that you can portion out your food ahead of time, and therefore can limit yourself from overeating.


5. Soup – Yes, soup!  While it may not be something you think of as a snack, hear us out.  Sometimes, especially in the colder months, warm soup can really hit the spot and keep you going in the afternoon.  Healthy soups are loaded with veggies and combined with their liquid content, will help satisfy your hunger cravings.  Of course, please make sure your soup is homemade with healthy ingredients, as many pre-packaged soups are loaded with highly processed foods and insane amounts of sodium.

We hope you enjoyed these snack ideas!  Tag us @fairburnitoff with pictures of your favorite healthy snacks!



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  1. I had never thought about having soup as a snack. I can see why it would help keep you going throughout the day. I really like soup when it is cold outside and I just want to be warm. I’ll have to remember this the next time it’s cold and I am at work.

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