Healthy living involves not only eating well, but also working out and taking care of yourself. This can be done through things like meditation, massage, date nights, or even taking a night to yourself to just relax! But how can you fit this all in? And how can you ensure that your motivation on Monday morning lasts throughout the whole week? Check out our top 5 tips below that will set you up for an entire week of success and feeling good!

1. ) Meal Prep

This is key! We are not the first ones to say this, and we will not be the last, but meal prepping is an essential piece to having a healthy week. If you are a member of our nutrition plan, you know that we love to meal prep on Sunday’s; however, pick a day that works best for you! This may change week to week, but set aside one day to get it done. You can use your list of all items and recipes that you can meal prep in advance through your nutrition plan, but think of things like stews/soups, and your overnight oat and granola recipes here and here.


We also recommend washing and chopping up fruits and veggies and preparing some of your favorite bars so that you have plenty of healthy snacks to choose from.

2.) Plan Your Workouts

After you are done meal prepping, plan out your workouts for the week. And guess what? Every week we post a free week of workouts for you! Check the Weekly Workouts page here to see the workout we suggest for every single day. You can always adjust and shift the days as needed, but use these weekly workouts to help you stay accountable and on track with your fitness goals.

Short on time? You can split your workouts up! You do not always have to complete everything at once. If it is more convenient for you to do part of your workout in the morning and then the rest in the afternoon, do just that. You can make this work for you.

3.) Clean Up

Grab a swiffer, do some laundry, vacuum, dust, and declutter. This may sound odd, but when you have a clean space, you are helping to refresh and restart and surrounding yourself with a clean and positive atmosphere.

4.) Lay out Clothes and Have Coffee and Breakfast Ready!

After you meal prep, plan your workouts, and clean up, get your workout clothes ready for the next morning. Laying out your clothes will save you time in the morning, and it will help serve as a reminder and form of accountability to put the clothes on and move when you wake up! We also want you to have your coffee (or tea) and breakfast ready to go the night before, so that all you have to do the next morning is turn on your coffee pot, and quickly put together your breakfast. This is where recipes like the overnight oats, and meal prepping and freezing a batch of breakfast muffins or cookies is very helpful. All you have to do the next morning is warm up your meal, and you are good to go!

Prefer something more refreshing for breakfast? Check out how you can build the perfect smoothie here.

5.) Relax and Sleep

We recommend trying to meditate for a few minutes before bed, but if that is not in the cards for you, try to go to bed a little earlier each night of the week so that you build the habit of getting to bed, rather then staying up late and getting too little sleep. We also recommend trying to find moments during the week – again, even if it is only for a few minutes – to meditate or just sit back and relax. Take moments to yourself to help you reset and stay mentally healthy and strong.

There is no one cure-all to healthy living. It encompasses taking care of your whole self, so start working all five of these points into your weekly routine, as each point will impact the other. It will get easier and more fluid with time, so be patient, and stick with it!


Want to know exactly what we eat, our recipes, grocery lists, meal prep, workouts, and more!? Then consider joining the Fairburn it Off Nutrition & Fitness Plan today, and you will be on your way to living your fullest and healthiest life yet!

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