Happy Labor Day Weekend!  To celebrate, we are once again sharing our top tips for staying healthy and on track at a family gathering or cookout. Remember, just because you are eating healthy and taking care of yourself does not mean that you cannot have fun! Food is not an indicator of whether or not you have a good time, so keep the following tips in mind to help you keep it clean:

1.) Double fist!
You’ve heard us say this before, but make sure you are double fisting the Fairburn it Off way. That means that if you have an alcoholic beverage in one hand, make sure your other hand has a water, ready to sip to help you stay hydrated!


2.) Drink in between drinks.
Along with double fisting, make sure you drink just water in between drinking alcoholic beverages. This will not only help you to stay hydrated (especially if you are outdoors and it is hot), but will ensure that you stay feeling well and not sluggish or worn out from just drinking alcohol. I mean, who likes hangovers? Not us!

3.) Eat beforehand.
No, this does not make you rude or weird in any way. If you eat beforehand, you are less likely to be starving by the time you get to the cookout, and are less likely to binge on unhealthy items and things that do not make you feel well afterward. Have you ever heard people say that you should never go to the grocery store hungry because you will buy up everything? Well the same rule applies to cookouts and parties where there are a lot of tempting sweets.

4.) Pick your indulgence. 
We understand that there is definitely a social aspect around eating and drinking with friends and family. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to fill up on everything at a cookout. If you eat a bunch of chips and feel full, then you miss out on the item you really wanted, like a cupcake. This is just an example, but if you are going to indulge in something, plan to have that one treat. So if you love your grandmothers blueberry pie, then don’t fill up on chips and dip!

5.) Bring your own food.
It is pretty common place to bring dishes to a cookout, so bring your own, healthy option! There are plenty of items that are great for this in your nutrition plan (especially the summer update here), such as the cucumber salad, corn and black bean salsa, watermelon salad, etc.

Black Bean Burgers featured from the nutrition plan

Speaking of bringing food, you can make and enjoy any of the recipes here.

Have a happy Labor Day!

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