Transform with Our Burnin’ Plans!

Whether you are just starting or have already begun your health journey, with the nutrition plans you will..

🔥Eat clean with hundreds of new recipes
🔥Eat whole foods without worrying about counting or measuring foods
🔥Learn how to look at food differently
🔥Learn new tips, tricks, and meal prep
🔥Sweat with great workouts that can be done from home in 30 minutes or less!
🔥Build a healthy lifestyle (no crash diets here) that you can maintain for life!

The Burnin’ Meal and Workout Lifetime Guide provides you with everything that you need to know from when to eat and what to eat, to recipes, workouts, and more. The Four Week Back to Basics Guide provides you with a sample of nutritional information and recipes from our Lifetime Guide, as well as 4 weeks planned out for you (different from the weeks in your lifetime guide).

Important Update:

Please note, since first launching Fairburn it Off three years ago, we have transitioned to a plant-based diet, but the lifetime plan still has meat recipes included. They will remain for the time being, because we do not expect (nor would we ever) that you will transition overnight to a plant-based diet. However, your plan is filled with plant-based dishes, and all recipes going forward will be plant-based.

Below is a breakdown of what each plan includes:

The Fairburn it Off Burnin’ Meal and Workout Lifetime Guide
You’ll receive information from the 4 week guide, plus:

  • All plan editions and updates
  • Nutrition break down – everything from the “why’s” and “how’s” of nutrition
  • Tips for success to boost your metabolism and help you say on track
  • Grocery lists
  • Lifestyle chart – How to fit it all in!
  • Food substitutions and swaps
  • 400+ recipes and counting!
  • Meal prep guides
  • Meal-by-Meal breakdowns
  • Weekly grocery lists and meal prep
  • 4 weeks of ALL meals planned for you to get you started!
  • Workout guides
  • Exclusive workouts not featured on
  • Exclusive email newsletter with tips, workouts, and FAQ’s for members only!
  • Free updates, new recipes, and new workouts whenever added for no additional cost!*
  • Member only opportunities for challenges and giveaways
  • Lifetime Membership! You only pay once for the plan and then enjoy benefits for life!*

*Once you purchase this guide, you will never have to pay additional money for updates that are made to this guide or for special editions (think seasonal and holidays)! You will receive this guide as an e-book, ready to download and take with you wherever you go!

Please note, this plan has some meat, but is also perfect for vegans and vegetarians as we offer plant-based recipes and substitutions and swaps to make recipes plant-based!

What do you eat on the plan?

Have a look below at just some of the hundreds of clean meals you will eat!

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4 Week Back to Basics Guide

  • Nutrition Overview
  • 4 Weeks of Grocery Lists
  • 4 Weeks of Meal Prep Help
  • 4 Weeks of ALL Meals Planned for You, Including Recipes!
  • Exercise Tips & Workout Assessment
  • Basic Lifting & HIIT Workout

Please note, you can choose between the regular basics guide (with meat), or the plant-based guide, that is perfect for vegans and vegetarians. If you want to purchase the Full-Length Nutrition Plan above, there are hundreds of plant-based recipes and substitutions to make meat dishes plant-based.

You will receive this guide as an e-book, ready to download and take with you wherever you go!

Please note that only members of the Fairburn it Off Burnin’ Meal and Workout Guide will be lifetime members and receive updates, new recipes, and workouts, at least twice a year! For more information on our lifetime guide, you can visit our Join Today page or FAQ page.

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  1. Hi Elise. I hope you are well and all healed up! I am writing because I don’t know if I am a member? I am mostly interested in your recipes, especially if you have them all in one place.
    Please let me know how I can get your holiday cooking guide. Happy holidays!
    Dr Deuell 😊

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