Lower Body Burn

It’s #FairburninFriday! Start your weekend off with this great lower body burn or add it on to another one of our workouts.

This routine is meant to be done circuit style. So complete every move one time through with little to no rest. Once you complete one round, rest for a minute and drink some water before moving on to complete round 2. We recommend that you use a lighter weight than you normally would since you are performing higher reps.

Lower Body Burn

20 squats
20 deadlifts
20 weighted side lunges, 10 per side


10 single leg deadlifts per side
20 weighted butt kicks with 20 pulses per side (can be done without a weight too)
30 seconds of swimming it out


Repeat 2 more times


Once you complete your workout, be sure to refuel with a protein packed breakfast like our Fairburnin’ Flapjacks, and have a great weekend!

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Fairburn Flapjacks featured from the Lifetime Guide!


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Intro To Foam Rolling and its Benefits

Foam rolling provides self-myofascial release, which is a fancy term for self-massage. Whether you have just started working out, or have been more consistent, you probably have experienced tightness and soreness in your muscles.  As someone who enjoys running, I have dealt with many sore days myself, especially in my quads and calves!  So when I came home to find that Elyse had bought a foam roller, I figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a try.  Anything to get rid of the soreness was worth a shot!

The benefits of foam rolling were immediate and it is now a part of my weekly routine!  Some of the major benefits of foam rolling include:

  • Improved blood flow and faster recoveryFoam rolling increases circulation throughout your muscles and tissues, allowing for faster recovery after workouts
  • Increased range of motionFoam rolling helps to increase flexibility and range of motion.  It has similar benefits of stretching but can actually take it a step further by relieving muscle knots.  This is because foam rolling works more like a massage, and since you control the movements, you can focus in on specific areas.
  • Healing of adhesions and scar tissueAdhesions and scar tissue can form a lack of mobility, injury, or general inflammation and can become painful over time.  The pressure from foam rolling, (and foam rolling slowly I should add!) helps to relieve adhesions and scar tissue.  In addition, with your increased flexibility and blood flow, foam rolling can help prevent the issue(s) going forward.

It should be said that foam rolling can be intense (especially at first) and be a little painful.  This is because you are giving yourself a deep tissue massage and working out specific tension points in your body, which ultimately allows you to feel better.  However, please keep in mind that because of the pressure provided by foam rolling, it is important to not use it on your lower back or neck, as the pressure could cause injury. 

Check out the foam rolling routine below to get started:

5 Minute At Home Legs and Glutes Workout!

Life can be crazy and it can be difficult to fit in a longer workout.  So for those days when you are in a rush, remember to still make time for you and get in this quick 5 minute lower body workout!

Jumping Jacks x20
Squats x20
Deadlifts with Side Leg Raises x10 (10 per leg)
Plie Squats with Calf Raises x20
Side Lunges x10 (10 per side)
Squat and Hold for 30 seconds
Bridge Lifts x10
Bridge Hold for 30 seconds 

For a reference on how to complete each move, watch the video below: