Fairburnin’ Friday: On-the-Go Workout

Happy Fairburnin’ Friday!

Today we’re bringing you an on-the-go workout that you can complete once through if you are in a real hurry and just need to move, or you can add rounds for an extra burn, but still save time! You can even add this onto another workout or use as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Your printable workout is below, but use the video as a guide on how to complete each move.

On-The-Go Workout

Warm up:
10-15 Arm Crosses
15-20 Side-to-Side Lunges

The Workout:
Forward Lunges x10
Jumping Jacks x25
Repeat one more time (or move on if you are in a hurry)

Side Lunges with Ab Twists x10 per side
High Knees x30
Repeat once

Push-Ups x15
Burpees with a Jump Tuck x10
Repeat once

Tricep Push-Ups into Side Plank Dips x10
Bicycle Crunches x20
Repeat once and burn out with as many bicycle crunches as you can on the last set

Be sure to stretch, drink plenty of water, and refuel with a clean meal within 30 minutes of working out!