Intermediate 5k Training

Get ready to challenge yourself and take your running up a notch! Whether you are an avid runner and want to increase your time, or you just want to intensify your runs and improve overall, then this training is for you!

Use the chart and descriptions below to guide you through this 8 week training. Feel free to adjust the training days to fit your schedule. If resting on a Tuesday is better for you, then shift the days to fit that schedule! And as always, please consult with your physician before beginning any training program.


Tempo runs – Run the first 5-10 minutes at a very easy pace, then gradually build up to about 30 seconds slower than your 5K pace over the next 15 minutes (or just run faster), and then gradually slow back down for the last 5-10 minutes.

Sprints – These can be done on a treadmill or a track. Do not push yourself too hard at first! Jog 5-10 minutes as a warmup, then begin your sprints. In between each sprint, recover by jogging or walking the same distance that you just sprinted. For example, if you see 4 X 0.25 mile sprints, start by jogging to warm up, and then follow it with 0.25 mi sprinting and 0.25 mi recovering 4 times. Finally, after you have completed all of your sprints, end with a 0.50 mile cool down. If performing on a standard track, 1 lap in the inside lane is approximately 0.25 miles.