As we enter the New Year, many of us are setting goals that will improve our health and wellbeing.  However, achieving these goals will require two critical things: determination and a plan.

When you are making health changes, there will be challenges along the way.  This may mean getting to the gym when you would rather sleep in, or opting for healthy food options when you have unhealthy cravings.  Your determination and resilience will drive you and make achieving your goals that much more satisfying.

The more important thing you will need is a plan.  And this plan needs to be a good one.  A lot of hard work goes wasted every January because of either the lack of a plan, or because the plan fails in a key area.  Your plan needs to be something that:

  • You actually want to do
  • Is tried and tested
  • Sets you up for long term success

All the determination in the world will not do any good if these three elements are not present in your plan.

Of the elements above, perhaps the most overlooked is the fact that this needs to be your plan.  Not your cousin’s, coworker’s, friend’s, or parent’s plan, but a plan that you believe in and want to do.  Taking a friend’s advice at face value is not enough.  This is your goal, your health, and your life.  Do the research.  Get feedback from others.  But ultimately choose and set a plan that will work for you.

If during your research you are presented with a plan or goals that are not on your terms – be skeptical!  No one should be setting your goals or telling you what you should achieve.  To achieve your goals and tap into the determination you will need, you must own your plan and have conviction that it will work for you.  Once you have this part down, rely on others for accountability and motivation along the way.

Our Plan has been tried and tested.  It is made for the long-term.  What we can’t answer is whether or not is for you.  While we would of course be thrilled if you join us, we understand our plan is not for everyone.  If there is anything we can do to help with your research, please reach out to us directly.

Here’s to a Happy and Healthy 2018!  Make 2018 truly yours and we know you will crush your goals!

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