Happy #FairburninFriday!

Kick off your weekend with this new workout that targets your core muscles and will leave you sweaty!

Challenge yourself to move through the entire routine without taking any prolonged breaks. If you need a quick sip of water, take a drink and then get right back in it.

Warm up:

Side to side tilt x20

This move can be done with or without weights. Stand tall with your feet hips width apart, and tilt from side to side to warm up the sides of your core.

IMG_9431 IMG_9435

March and twist x20

March in place, and as you march, twist opposite elbow to opposite knee,

IMG_8283 IMG_8284

Jump Squats x10

Stand with your feet a little wider than hips width apart. Keep your spine straight, and begin to squat down low. Then push yourself back up with a hop in the air, before landing firmly back down to a squat position.

IMG_6828 IMG_6895

The Workout:

Plank hold for 10 seconds

Place your wrists directly under your shoulders and keep your core tight. Make sure to also keep your neck long. Hold the pose for 10 seconds, remembering to breath. Try to remain in high plank position as you transition to the next move below (side plank).


Right side plank dips x20

Perform this move with a straight arm, or you can come down on your forearm. Lift your hips high in the air, and just tap back down. Continue lifting up and down for 20 reps.

IMG_7450 IMG_7453

Plank hold for 10 seconds


Left side plank dips x20

IMG_7417 IMG_7420

Mountain Climbers for 30 seconds

IMG_7329 IMG_7393

Coffin sit-ups x15

Make sure your heels stay planted on the floor and use your core to pull yourself up. Refrain from using your arms to help pull you up.

IMG_9726 IMG_9728

Leg Lifts x15

Place your hands just underneath your glutes, lift your legs straight up in the air, and then lower them all the way down to a hover off of the floor. Be sure to keep your lower back planted to the mat at all times. If your lower back begins to lift up, then do not lower your legs as far down. Using your core – specifically your lower abs – lift your legs back up to the starting position. Repeat with controlled, but steady, movement.

IMG_8551 IMG_8561 IMG_8577

Bicycle Crunches x40 (20 per side)

IMG_8844 IMG_8869

  Spiderman Plank x10 per side

Begin in a high plank position. Then draw your right knee up towards your right tricep. Return to a high plank position. Repeat with your left knee to left tricep. Continue alternating sides.

IMG_8042 IMG_7329

Forearm plank for 1 minute!


Repeat it all 1 more time through!


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