Build, tone, and strengthen your arm muscles with this workout! Complete each set one time through, and then repeat 1 to 2 more times before moving on to the next set of movements. If you are in a real rush, you can just complete each set one time through, but aim to complete at least 2 rounds of each set.

Your printable workout is below with images to use as a reference on performing each movement. Once you’re done, show us your arm flex and tag us on instagram @fairburnitoff!

Happy #FairburninFriday!

Strong Arms Workout

Hammer curls x12

Alternating bicep curls x12
(image shows bicep curls – alternate lifting and lowering one arm and then the other)

Repeat round 1 to 2 more rounds


Shoulder Press x12

Overhead tricep extensions x15

Repeat round 1 to 2 more times


Forward and side lateral raises x10

Tricep kickbacks x10

Repeat round 1 to 2 more times


Rear delt fly’s x10

Double Arm Rows x10
(Image shows single arm row. Remain in the same position as the rear delt fly’s and perform a row with both arms at the same time)

Repeat round 1 to 2 more times


Tricep dips (can use a bench or sturdy piece of furniture) x12

Push-ups x12

Repeat round (on last round, burn out with tricep push-ups)

Have a great weekend!



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