TGIF! We are kicking off our weekend with this new, full body, HIIT routine that can be done from just about anywhere.

The workout is comprised of 4 rounds, and you complete each round twice. Challenge yourself to complete both rounds with minimal rest in between. Then, give yourself 30 seconds to move on to the next round. Because you are moving more quickly and aiming to get in higher reps, we recommend using a lighter set of weights or kettle bell for this routine.  Be sure to sip water as you need, and keep your body moving! See the move guide below the workout for a reference on how to perform each exercise.

Set your watch. Ready. Set. Go!

Warm Up:

20 Jumping Jacks
5 squats
20 second jog in place and circle arms forward and back
Repeat above 1 more time before continuing

The Workout:

Forward lunges 45 seconds
Straight Leg Deadlift with Shoulder Pull 45 seconds
Squat jumps 30 seconds
Repeat round 1 more time

Back lunges 45 seconds
Squats with an ab twist 45 seconds
Skaters 30 seconds
Repeat round 1 more time

Tricep bridge dips 45 seconds
Push-ups 45 seconds
Mountain climbers 30 seconds
Repeat round 1 more time

Side plank dips 45 seconds right side (left when you repeat)
Russian Twists 45 seconds
Burpees 30 seconds
Repeat round 1 more time


1 minute plank! Then give yourself 5 minutes to stretch

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Move Guide

Forward & backward lunges (can be done with or without holding a weight).







Straight Leg Deadlift with a Shoulder Pull

Squat Jumps

Squats with an ab twist. Perform a regular squat, and then draw one knee up to opposite elbow. Squat again, and then draw the other knee up to opposite elbow. Continue squatting and rotating legs in between.


Tricep bridge dips. If you currently have an injury or arm or back pain, you can stay seated while performing these.


Mountain Climbers

Side Plank Dips. If you experience wrist pain, you can perform these on your forearm.

Russian Twists






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