Today we are bringing you a little challenge. This workout is something that David threw together in a hotel room when we were traveling. He wanted to head for a run, but the weather was crappy, so he gave himself a full body endurance burst! He then started to challenge himself to do this workout once a week or every other week to see how he improved.

Be forewarned, this workout, although only made up of four exercises, is no joke! Please pace yourself, remember to breath, and break up the reps as needed (i.e., you do not have to do all 50 at once, you could do 2 rounds of 25, 5 rounds of 10, etc.).

So without further adieu, here is your endurance workout (see exercise images below):

🔥50 Body-weight squats

🔥50 Sit-ups

🔥50 Push-ups

🔥50 Burpees

We recommend doing the exercises in the order written, but remember, please pace yourself and break up the reps as needed. It is recommended that if you are brand new to working out, to exercise and build up your cardio for a little bit first. You can also use this as a challenge to work up to 50 reps by starting with fewer reps of everything.



Can perform these with bent knees or straight legs. Just keep your feet on the ground.



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