Happy Valentine’s Day!

To help kick off your day, we are sharing a new full-body workout routine that you can do on your own, or with a loved one.

The workout:

First, head out for a 20 minute jog! Snowing outside? Use your stairs to walk quickly up and down, or if it’s safe to drive, head to an indoor track.

After your jog, complete the exercises below:

Use video below as a reference on how to perform all of the exercises. Try to move through all exercises and complete one round as quickly as possible with little to no rest. Then repeat the entire circuit 2 to 3 more times. 

Lunge Passes x12 per side
Start facing one another, with one person holding a light weight or medicine ball. One of you will lunge forward while the other lunges backward, passing the weight to the other person. Then you will rotate lunging forward and backward, continuously passing the weight. If doing this solo, simply lunge back and forth for 12 reps and then switch sides.

Jump Squats with Double High Five x20
Stand facing one another. Perform a jump squat, but reach and high five each other with both hands while you jump up in the air. Repeat. If doing solo, just perform a regular jump squat without the high five.

Push-Ups with a Hand Clap x12 
Make sure your heads are facing one another. Perform a push-up, and at the top of the push-up, clap opposite hands with your partner. Perform another push-up, and then clap your other hand to your partners. Continue, making sure to switch hands every time. If performing solo, complete one push-up, and then tap your opposite hand to opposite shoulder. Push-up again and repeat.

Leg Pushes x10
Begin with one of you lying on the floor and the other standing tall. Lay with your head just between your partners feet, and grab your partners ankles with your hands. With control, lift your legs up towards your partner. Your partner will then grab your feet. With a little force, the partner standing up will push your legs away from his/her face towards the ground. The partner whose legs are getting pushed should resist the movement slightly so that your legs do not hit the ground and lift back up towards your partner. Continue this movement over and over, each time with the standing partner pushing the legs right, center, left, center, etc. After 10 reps, switch. If performing solo, complete a regular leg lift (use lower abs to lift legs up and down) with your hands under your sits bones.

Side Plank with Thread the Needle Clap x10 per side
Start in a side plank facing away from your partner. Staying in your side plank, lift your top arm high, and then thread your top arm underneath your body (just like you would for thread the needle), but instead, when you reach under, reach for your partners hand. Give each other a tap, and then bring your arm back up to the starting position. Repeat for 10 reps and then switch sides. If performing solo, complete the exact same thread the needle movement with or without a weight. If using a weight, simply hold onto the weight the entire time.

V-Sit Twists x20
Sit up tall on the floor facing your partner, slightly bend your knees, and lift your legs so that your feet and your partners feet are touching. You will both hold this V-Sit position with your feet touching. Using a weight or just your hands, keep your back straight  and then twist your torso as far as you can to the right, bringing the weight (or just your hands) with you. Then reverse this motion, twisting as far as you can to the left. Continue twisting back and forth, being sure to really squeeze and work from your core as you twist.

Complete 2 to 3 more rounds and then stretch it out



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