Happy first day of Fall!

With the start of fall comes a whole new season of fresh and delicious produce that you can incorporate into your meals. We of course love adding in apples, pumpkin, and squash, but you can also have fun with items like Brussels sprouts (great as a side dish or shredded into a salad), figs (on salads and even as jam), leeks (stew anyone?), turnips (mashed), and much more!


And guess what?

When you enter the FREE Fall Burn Challenge here, you will instantly receive a welcome packet with a sample of fall recipes to try, as well as nutrition tips and details on how to participate! The challenge is a simple and fun way to stay motivated throughout the fall! You can see the details here.


In addition to the new fall produce, the weather is also perfect this time of year. The air is slightly more chilly, but it is perfect for morning runs and walks. Try this running workout here, or check out one of the many road race training’s here. Even if you are not planning on doing a road race, it is a great way to help you build up your cardio!

And last but not least…

TODAY we are releasing the NEW Fit for Fall Nutrition and Workout Guide! This guide has tons of new recipes, new workouts, nutrition updates, and a new planned out week complete with a grocery list and meal prep guide. And what’s more, is that this guide is FREE to all Lifetime Members since it is a part of the Lifetime Nutrition Plan, so members, check your emails!

Not a member yet? It’s a one-time cost, and you enjoy perks for life! Join below and you will also receive the Back to Basics Guide for FREE!

Simply enter code FALLBURN at checkout (both plans must be in your cart for the code to work)


Images from the new fall nutrition plan update

Happy Fall!





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