Halloween is tomorrow!

If you are need of a last minute costume or treat ideas, we have you covered! We love Halloween because it allows you to let loose and feel like a kid again. We tend to enjoy more of the fun, light-hearted Halloween stuff (I am actually not allowed to watch horror movies anymore because I will sleep with the light on for weeks – I’ve been scarred), like rocking out to Halloween jams, watching films like The Nightmare Before Christmas, dressing up, munching on healthy treats, and our annual pumpkin carving contest!

Our 3rd annual contest was this year. We have each won once, but as of right now, we are tied this year (based on friends/family votes)

Last minute costume ideas

Pulp Fiction

Every year we have grand plans of going all out for Halloween. But then, before we know it, we have a week left and have to scramble. We were originally planning on different costumes this year, but the timing was not going to workout. Instead, we took a look at our closet to see what we could pull together with minimal effort and spending. We decided that we could be Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction. The only things we had to purchase were two wigs and a bolo tie from amazon. Check out our costumes, as well as the Pulp Fiction dancing below:

Egyptian Royalty

Last year we planned with a couple of weeks in advance, so we were able to purchase our Egyptian King and Queen costumes. However, with some long dresses, felt or other fabric and make-up, you can be on your way to being an Egyptian God or Goddess. And because we love the fun Halloween music, we also had to do a little dance with these…

Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors was one of my favorite films growing up, so when we needed a last minute costume, dressing up as Seymour and Audrey was the perfect solution. For Audrey, you need a form-fitting, little black dress. You can also wear a cropped sweater or shawl. Then, cake on the make-up! For hair, you’ll just need a short blonde wig (only thing we had to purchase).

For Seymour, essentially dress like an older, nerdier guy, and you are good! He wears a lot of khaki style pants and sweaters or sweater vests. And of course, his staple glasses. The only other piece we needed to compete the costume was Audrey II, the Venus Fly Trap. Thankfully, plenty of people on Etsy have already made little Venus Fly Trap replica’s, so we purchased one and were good to go!

Healthy Treats

Graveyard cakes, candy apples, caramel dip, peanut butter cups and more! Treats do not have to be all bad for you with excess ingredients. They can still test good and indulgent, all while using real, whole, ingredients! As a bonus, all of these treats are no-bake! Plus, nutrition plan members have even more treats in their plan, like plant-based Twix and Snickers bars!

Get your graveyard cake and monster teeth recipes HERE 

Get the candy apple, caramel, and peanut butter cup recipes HERE

Pumpkin Juice! Calling all Harry Potter fans. HERE is your new Pumpkin Juice recipe!

Happy Halloween!


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