Happy Fairburnin’ Friday!

Get ready to get in a fun and great workout to start off your weekend! For this workout, it is ideal if you have a stability ball, but it can be done without one. Simply grab some light weights and a mat, and you will be good to go.

For each move, unless otherwise noted, you will perform it for one minute, getting in as many reps as you can.

The workout

•Jumping Jacks to warm up

Round 1
-As you squat, lift the stability ball (or weight) overhead for a combo shoulder workout

•Deadlifts with Curl
-Use set of light hand weights and perform a hammer curl every time you stand up

•25 Stability Ball Crunches (or on your mat)


Round 2
•Wood Chop (switch sides after 30 seconds)
-See image below. Start in a squat position with the ball reaching towards your left knee, and then twisting your upper body only, lift the ball over towards your right. Imagine you are drawing a diagonal line from your right shoulder down to your left knee. Rotate after 30 seconds to do the other side.

•Balancing Bicep Curls (switching sides after 30 seconds)
-See image below. Keep the top of one foot on the stability ball while you perform a standard bicep curl. Switch your foot after 30 seconds.

•25 Stability Ball Crunches

Round 3
-See image below. Perform a push-up like you normally would, only rest the tops of your feet on top of the stability ball to create a decline push-up position.

•Glute Kicks
-With your lower abs resting comfortably on the ball, kick your right leg up in the air and then lower down to the floor. Repeat for left. Keep alternating, or kick both legs up at the same time like the image below.

•Stability Ball Plank as long as you can!

Have an extra 8-10 minutes? Repeat the workout one more time!

Tag us after you compete this workout at @fairburnitoff and use #fairburnitoff and #fairburninfriday so we can see you having a ball (okay, bad pun..) 😉


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