Food is a very sensitive topic…  

And it is one that people often have a hard time discussing or thinking about. Everyone wants to try their best and believe that their way of eating is healthy, but do you have a positive relationship with food? And do you think of food as your fuel?


Have you ever had someone (friend, family, whomever) offer up their nutrition and workout habits without you even asking? It is common for people to talk about what they eat, what diet they may be trying, and what new fitness fad they are doing. Even before being in the nutrition business, this happened to us. At first we thought it was a little odd that people would share this type of information with us without being asked. But then we started to see a pattern. Food is deeply personal and important to people. When people share what they are doing, they are often trying to help justify their way of eating and working out. We understand this, but it pains us to hear stories of people cutting back and restricting themselves, or only eating a yogurt for breakfast or an egg for lunch. Too often people think they need to eat less or restrict themselves, all while trying to workout for hours on end.

Working out is an imperative part of overall healthy living, but looking at food in a positive way, versus dreading about counting calories or dieting, is even more important. You do not need to eat so little. In fact, you really want to be eating more! More of the right foods of course – but more nonetheless!


Your Fairburn it Off Nutrition Plan takes all of this into account for you to help you build a healthy lifestyle, but we want you to take a moment to yourself tonight and think about how you look at food. You do not need to share this with anyone. Simply use it for yourself. Here are some suggestions for questions to think about:

How would you describe your relationship with food?

Do you have specific cravings? What are they?

How often do you have or think about these cravings?

Are the cravings something that get in your way from enjoying the day or working out?

Is there an alternative, healthy, food that you could have in its place?

Is it really the food you need or do you associate it with positive memories (e.g., pizza, but really you love going out to your local pizza place with friends).

Are there specific triggers or events that happen that throw you off with food? Maybe it’s work gatherings, family parties, long days at work, going out often, etc? What are ways that you could turn those events around in your favor? Maybe make a plan to meal prep just one hour on a certain day, or ask friends and family for help or understanding?

What is a goal that you could set for yourself to help you enhance your relationship with food? For example, if you drink soda every day, set a goal to cut one day back each week. Or do you not meal prep often? Set aside a day and even just one hour a week to do this. Any goals that you come up with, write them down and look at them every. single. day.


Remember, it’s okay and normal to have cravings or stress about food – especially clean eating. It can be a scary and seemingly complicated topic. However, it does not have to be that complicated. Try to look at food as your body’s fuel – it’s what helps you run and function – so choose foods that help you do just that. 

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