We all start off strong on January 1st with great intentions, but it is common to slow down and lose sight of some of our goals and resolutions. Does this make you a failure? Hell no! It makes you human, and even we have days where we do not feel as motivated or distractions come up that get in the way. However, the real challenge and change happens when you decide to pick up where you left off and continue on! We never want you to feel like you failed or “cheated” or messed up with your workouts and meals. Rather, remind yourself to wake up the next day, get in your workout, and continue on.

So how do you stay on track and stick to y our goals and resolutions? Here are the steps that we take in order to remember why we are doing this and to help set ourselves up for success!

1) Start small. You do not need to set 20 different goals. Think of one or two that are most important to you, and write out a plan to help you achieve those goals. You can use our goal steps here for guidance on this.

2) Workout in the morning. Yes, just do this. Even if it is a short workout, you will have gotten one on. That way, if something comes up later in the day that consumes more of your time, you will have already gotten your workout in. That may mean that you have to set your alarm a little earlier, but once you get in your workout, you will wake up!

3) Share share share. Tell people about what you are doing! Putting it out there will help you to stay on track. We even still tell people all of the time – especially family and friends – so that they understand why we are doing this.

4) Re-write and add on new goals. It’s okay or goals to change or for new ones to be added. Always make adjustments when needed so that you are constantly working towards something that you really want. For example, your initial goal may have been to simply lose weight, so that is why you are eating better. However, maybe your goal is to now run a road race, which will still require good nutrition and exercise.

5) Plan ahead. Your Full-Length Nutrition & Fitness Plan has meals, workouts, and challenges planned for you; however, you also have charts where you can write in additional items that you have going on in your life so that you can better plan and schedule when you can fit in things. Use this to your advantage, and keep it somewhere you can see it each day.

6) Stop worrying. The worst thing you can do is worry and fret over whether or not you may “slip up” or if you think you “cheated.” First of all, remove those words from your vocabulary. Second, you cannot always control what happens, so do not worry about it. And third, it is going to be okay! You always have us, fairburnitoff.com, and your nutrition plan to help take you through this process.

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