When it comes to traveling, it can often seem difficult to stay on track with eating clean and working out. This is especially true when you are traveling on vacation and just want to relax and unwind! However, we are sharing with you our recent vacation to California to show you how you can keep it healthy, all while still relaxing under the sun.


And in case you missed it, awhile back we shared our top tips for how to keep up with your workouts on vacation here, and how to find and eat clean foods here.

How to keep it healthy, yet relaxing on vacation:

•The airport and plane ride

When you are flying, it can seem difficult to eat clean. However, it does not have to be! Rather than rely on airplane snacks, pack your own. On our flight out, we left first thing in the morning, so we ate breakfast beforehand, and then brought apples, bananas, and a couple of peanut butter Lara Bars for snacks. We also made sure to drink plenty of water on the flight (thankfully we had the aisle seat if you know what I mean…) to stay hydrated. On the flight back, we left in the afternoon, so we found a vegetable wrap with hummus (no cheese), and ate that on the plane. We also brought a couple pieces of fruit again. Bringing healthy snacks is important when traveling because it will limit cravings and long periods of not eating!


Usually after a day of travel, all you want to do when you get off the plane is find something to eat, relax, and maybe run to the restroom after drinking all of that water on the flight! Before you travel though, look up a place either at the airport or nearby that serves something quick and healthy. When we landed, we had already looked up a smoothie place to get acai bowls for lunch. It is important to plan this ahead of time so that you are not starving and run to the first thing you see, which is probably going to be unhealthy airport food or a fast food place.


•Food during the trip – This is an important one!

We have really been enjoying staying at Air B&B’s or renting condos and homes from sites like VRBO and Home Away. The reason why is because you usually get your own kitchen or kitchenette to store and cook food.  Regardless of where we stay though, whenever we travel we always find a grocery store to pick up a few essential items, and to buy enough food to have breakfast every morning.

Why breakfast?

Because breakfast really is such an important meal, and when you can wake up knowing that you do not have to rush out and get ready to find breakfast because you already have it, that is a pretty great way to start your day!

Quick grocery trip!

Every morning on vacation we woke up, made breakfast and coffee, and sat outside on our deck and enjoyed the beautiful weather. This was so relaxing and such a great way to wake up, so we highly recommend that you do this the next time you travel. For this latest trip, we ended up making the Feel of Fall Oats from the nutrition plan pretty much every day. We also purchased Ezekiel bread and peanut butter and jam and had that some mornings too.

At the grocery store we also picked up some fruit, veggies, hummus, and kale and sweet potatoes so that we had snacks for when we were out on the beach. We also used the kale, veggies, and sweet potatoes to make a salad for dinner one night… and we of course enjoyed some wine too.

Lunch & Dinner

Most nights we ate out, but we took a couple of nights to just relax together and stay in. However, when we did eat out for lunch and dinner, we found places that had healthy offerings. Again, we highly recommend that you look up places to eat before you leave on your trip so that you already know where you can get cleaner options. This saves a lot of time and stress when you are actually at your destination.

Hover over each image below to see what it is. Some are not what they seem… 

For this latest trip, we found an acai bowl place that we loved, so we had lunch there practically every day. For dinner, we had found a couple of health food places, but for the “regular” restaurants, we made their choices work for us. We made sure to order salads and veggies as an appetizer and ordered the vegetarian or vegan (we limit meat for us personally) options on the menu. All restaurants were great with putting sauces on the side or removing heavy cheeses from the dishes, so do not be afraid to ask! 

Oh, and don’t worry, there were two days where we had pizza – one was a veggie pizza that we ordered, and the other was a regular pizza that was given to us when we saw a taping of a show. If you are ever in the L.A. area, we highly recommend that you check out a taping of a sitcom or other show – it is truly an awesome experience!

What if I am staying at a hotel?

That is okay! You can still apply all of the above tips. You may not be able to cook as much, so if you need to find breakfast, make sure you keep it clean! Stay away from overloaded cheese omelets and greasy foods like bacon that will make you feel “heavy” and worn down. If your hotel room has a fridge, try to stock it with healthy snacks.

Don't worry - we indulged our last night with a sweet dessert!
Don’t worry, we indulged our last night with a sweet dessert, but this was the only time we went this crazy!

Ultimately, it may seem odd to go to a grocery store or plan some meals ahead of time when you are on vacation, but the pay off is worth it! Rather than going hours without eating or wondering where to go, you will be all set! Additionally, you will feel “lighter” and more energized because you will not be constantly eating heavy and processed foods for every meal.

•Working out

When it comes to working out on vacation, the good news is that people are often pretty active without even realizing it! This is because you tend to do more walking and sightseeing or swimming in the ocean – all great forms of exercise. However, in addition to walking around, we highly recommend keeping up with your actual workouts. You are in a new environment, and probably have gorgeous scenery, so take advantage! Go for a run along the beach first thing in the morning or practice yoga outside. We also recommend looking up fitness studios, like spinning and yoga, because most studios offer a first class free (or at the very least, at a discount), so take advantage!

We went to the local soul cycle for an amazing 45 minute drench fest.

In general, take advantage of where you are. We knew that where we were staying we would have the strand (a pedestrian walk and bike path) along the beach, so we walked, ran, and rode bikes along it all week long to get to and from our destinations. We also looked up hiking trails and ended up hiking to the Hollywood sign (holy way hotter and longer than we thought it would be – but worth it).

No matter where you are, there is something to be done. In a location known for surfing? Then take a lesson! Or maybe you are in a snowy mountain village? Then go snowshoeing or skiing or snowboarding. There are endless opportunities to stay active on vacation, so enjoy them!


•The best part?

We still slept on the beach for hours! Yes, we woke up, worked out, made breakfast and coffee, and then we relaxed. We hung out on the beach, spent a whole day wine tasting, enjoyed watching the sunset each night, and we slept for about 9-10 hours every night (it was amazing – we were like babies all over again). So yes, you can still be active and healthy all while relaxing and enjoying your vacation! And what’s more is that you will feel great afterward and not think that you need to diet or work out extra when you come home, because let’s face it, no one likes to diet!



Happy travels!



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