That’s right, it’s back! 

With summer just around the corner, we’ll be giving you weekly workouts, motivation, tips, and recipe suggestions to help you stay on track and get ready for summer!

Here we go…


HIIT it! Complete Summer Body Burn from your new summer nutrition plan, or check out any of the ones here. Follow it up with this refreshing smoothie.


Challenge: Just because it’s Monday doesn’t mean you have to be sad! We know going back to work can.. well.. suck.. but go for quick walks throughout the day and even during lunch to help break up with the work day. It will also help you to destress and refocus if you are tired or have to stare at a computer for long hours.



3 miles of cardio. Walk, run, jog, wog, spin, anything. After you complete your cardio, make sure you stretch and follow it up with 5 minute Abs.



Creating Stems routine from your Nutrition Plan or Lower Body Burn. Follow it up with a little foam rolling in the evening and maybe even a little indulgence from the dessert section of your plan. We love the no bake peanut butter cookies, the coconut macaroons, and the new quick fix brownies!




2 mile run (doesn’t matter if you walk/run) or go for a bike ride. Follow it up with a little evening stretch and yoga.



Happy Fairburnin’ Friday! Choose your favorite Fairburnin’ Friday workout here, and tag us afterward to show a nice sweaty selfie! Here is one of our’s…

No need to worry about looking attractive – we’re all un-showered, sweaty messes here!

Challenge: Relax and unwind tonight! We typically pass out on the couch like an old, lame, married couple, but if we stay awake, we’ll either catch up on some guilty pleasure TV shows or have a drink together.



Active rest. Take advantage of the nicer weather to get outside. Whether you go for a walk, swim, or relax on the beach, just make sure you find some time to move around a little.




Run as long as you want! We personally love saving our long runs for Sundays, but if you don’t have as much time or want to get to the beach, just wake up and get outside and sweat!

Challenge: Meal prep for next week! If you are a member of our nutrition plans, we’re going to be doing the planned week from the new summer update, so print off your grocery list and join us! Use the video above to help you with your meal prep too.

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Have a burnin’ week!


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