We are so excited to share photos and news from Jovie’s 3rd Annual Dental Day!

In case you do not know about this event, it is honor of our late cat, Jovie. When we adopted Jovie, she was 9 years young, and not only did she struggle with shelter life, but she also needed a lot of dental work! And if you’ve ever had an animal who needed a dental, then you understand how expensive it can get, but also, how necessary it is for their health. If dental problems are left untreated, a seemingly innocent bad tooth can cause an array of harmful infections, and even lead to death.

When our girl Jovie died unexpectedly, we knew we had to do something to honor her. We really wanted to do whatever we could to help make senior cats more comfortable and adoptable, and dentals was the way we could help. Each year since Jovie’s passing, we have covered the dental surgeries for 5-7 senior cats in a single day. It may not be much, but knowing that those cats are no longer experiencing pain or discomfort, and are that much more likely to be adopted, is all we need.

Below is a short video documenting this years event. Please note, the video does show cats in and out of surgery, so if you have a sensitive stomach, then you will want to pass over the video!

With the exception of Poppy, all of the cats from Jovie’s Dental Day have been adopted! However, we still need to find Poppy a home! She is such a sweet and loving cat, who just needs to be an only child and spoiled rotten. You can view her full profile HERE.

To view all other adoptable animals, visit the MSPCA’s site here, or your local animal shelter.


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