You may have noticed a little craze lately with this thing called Kombucha. Yes, it has certainly been getting blown up a lot, but it is not just because it is what all the cool kids are doing these days – there are actual benefits!

Does that mean you should rely and live off of the stuff? No, of course not! Just like anything else, you should always have a healthy diet filled with whole foods, versus relying on one or two items, and then eating something not as nutritious for your body. However, we do love a good Booch (that is the street cred way to say it), and it certainly does have its benefits!

So what exactly is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink that is often called mushroom tea, not because it is made from mushrooms, but because the bacteria that grows on top of the drink can look like the top of a mushroom. Sounds appetizing, huh? We swear, it’s not as bad as it sounds! Kombucha is bacteria and yeast mixed with sugar and green or black tea. The mixture then ferments, resulting in your final, drinkable, product.

Why is this good?

Well, the science on this is actually still out. You may or may not have heard that Kombucha can cure all sorts of illnesses and ailments, but it is not necessarily true. More research still needs to be done. However, the resulting liquid is a bubbly probiotic drink that is natural. Probiotics provide your gut with healthy bacteria that can aid in digestion and help with inflammation.

Other reasons to start adding in some Buch

Although more definitive research is still out on the exact benefits of kombucha, there are still reasons to give it a try:

🔥Helps keep your heart healthy

Kombucha has been shown to help lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and improve HDL (good cholesterol), which can help protect against heart disease.*

🔥You can receive the benefits of drinking tea

Since booch is made from green and black teas, the benefits of tea can still apply (see benefits of green tea here)! This means that it can help to keep your skin healthy and aid in warding off colds.

🔥Has antioxidants and antibacterial properties

Although studies have only been conducted on rats thus far, antioxidants in Kombucha can help prevent and lower liver toxicity. Additionally, Kombucha has strong antibacterial properties that  can aid in killing off harmful and infection-causing bacteria.

Why do we love it?

In addition to all of the perks above, when you drink Kombucha, it fizzes and bubbles just like soda or champagne (helpful if trying to reduce soda intake), and comes in a variety of natural flavors that can help you to curb cravings and allow you to feel more satiated. It can also be enjoyed as a mocktail, which helps keep balance in your healthy lifestyle.

Plus, we just love the taste! If we had to choose one, our favorite would be the Ginger-Lemon, but there are so many great flavors out there, like Cayenne Cleanser, Pink Lady Apple, California Grape, Mixed Berry, Pomegranate, and more! There are also many different brands of Kombucha, so you can sample around to find your favorite.

Again, the bottom line is this, as much as we love a good Booch, we do not suggest relying on it as a cure all. If you drink Kombucha, that doesn’t mean you should then go eat a pizza. Real, whole, foods are always best, but a little Kombucha can be an added bonus!


Please note, there have been some rare cases of adverse affects and illness as a result of Kombucha consumption. This is usually due to contaminated and/or high alcohol levels in Kombucha, so as always, we recommend that you check the labels to make sure there are no unnecessary additives, and to only purchase from reliable stores.

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