We say it often, but healthy living really is not just about what you eat and what you do for exercise. Those two things absolutely impact your health, so are still vital, but so isn’t doing what you love.

If you know us, you know how much we LOVE animals, and that we are absolutely cat obsessed! For us, working with animals and snuggling our own fur baby brings a lot of happiness. It could be something totally different for you, but animals just happen to be a big part of our overall healthy lifestyle. As a result, we have been leading yoga events to help raise money for animal shelters. You can see a round up from last years donations and events here and here.

Our most recent event at 603 Brewery was a special partner yoga for Valentine’s Day, and we raised another $150 for the MSPCA and NHSPCA.

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partner yoga


A huge thank you to 603 Brewery for letting us take over their space (yet again), and for providing  the beverages. But an extra big thanks to all of those who came and donated to help the animals in our local shelters. We cannot say it enough, but we are so thankful and truly appreciate your help!

In addition to the event at 603 brewery, we also had a blast leading a partner yoga event at the gym where I coach! We laughed, cried from laughing so hard, and then laughed some more! Thank you to those who came and made the experience so fun! We certainly will offer this again and will let you know when that happens so you can join us.



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