Happy #FairburninFriday!

Today’s workout is a lower body sculpting routine! You’ll work all of your leg and glute muscles, which will help you build muscle and keep your body working if you sit at a desk all day.  And as a bonus, it will give you that extra “lift” to rock whatever outfit you want this summer!

Warm Up:

Jog in place for 30 seconds

10 squats (no weights – just your body)

Jump rope in place for 30 seconds

The Workout:

Deadlift x15

Deep Squat x15

Side Lunge (with or without weight) x15 per side

Down Dog Kicks x15 per side

Weighted Donkey Kicks x15 per side

Bridge Lifts x15

Calf Raises for 30 seconds, then repeat entire circuit 1 more time!


Have a great weekend!

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