Q. What is included in your plans?

Please visit Our Burnin’ Plans page to see a breakdown of everything that is included in both of our plans.

Q. Is there a monthly or member fee?

No! Once you purchase the full-length plan, that is it. You never have to pay anything again for the plan. That means that as a Lifetime Nutrition & Workout plan member, you only pay $99, and then receive perks for life, without having to purchase anything again for the plan. That also means that when we update the guide, add new workouts, recipes, and planned out weeks, we send it to you for free! Currently we have the lifetime plan, and the spring and summer, fall, and holiday plan updates that we have sent out to members, all of which you will receive upon purchase of your plan.

Q. Is your plan for both men and women?

Yes! Our recipes and workouts are made for both men and women! Part of why Fairburn it Off started was because we were sick of making different meals for one another and thinking that we could not do one another’s workouts. The mapped out weeks in the nutrition plan show add-ons for men so they know if they need/should be adding extra grains or veggies, etc.

Q. Is your plan for all ages?

Absolutely! It does not matter how old you are – nutrition is important for everyone! We even know members who make the recipes for their kids too. Our guides focus on helping you learn to eat properly, but the workout components can be as advanced or as beginner as you make them. We offer an array of exercise routines and options for this reason.

Q. What if I need to lose a lot of weight? Will your plan still help?

Absolutely! If you need to lose weight, our plans will help you to do this at a safe and steady pace (approximately 2-3 pounds per week on average, but you may actually notice more significant changes in measurements and muscle toning). Please keep in mind that our plans are in no way meant to be a “quick fix” diet. This is a process and not a crash course! You did not gain weight overnight, so you will not lose it overnight. Our plans will show you how to eat on a daily basis and maintain this for life!

Q. What if I don’t have a lot of weight to lose and/or want to maintain or even gain weight?

Our plans are still excellent for you! We ourselves still eat the exact way that we lay out in the plan, because we want you to know step-by-step what we do and how to maintain it.  We have even had people who were underweight join the plan, and they were able to add on muscle and provide their bodies with proper nutrients. Because our plans focus on good nutrition and fueling your body properly, people have success in both losing and maintaining a healthy weight – including us!

Q. Does your plan follow a specific diet (i.e. paleo, gluten free, etc.)?

No. Although by default, our plan is fairly gluten free and we do have a plant based version. However, we do not believe in one specific diet per se to help you lose weight (i.e. a no carb diet, or no alcohol, or fruit, etc.). Our plan focuses on eating whole and nutritious foods. We provide you with the tools you will need to know how to shop and find clean foods that are good for your body.

You can also read our post – You can Have Your Cake and Eat it Too – where we talk about our plan.

Q. What if I travel and/or have to eat out a lot?

We feel your pain! For our former jobs we used to spend months at a time on the road, or would have to go out for lunch and dinner meetings with clients. This can absolutely be tough, but our plans will help you to recognize clean foods and how to be mindful, even when you have to travel and dine out. We also have plenty of tips and how-to’s for traveling and dining out.

Q. My family and friends/significant other loves going out all of the time and don’t understand that I want to be healthy.  How do I fit the plan in and maintain a healthy lifestyle like this?

It is really hard when family and friends either do not support you or just do not understand what it is that you are doing. Try to surround yourself with people who support you, and explain to your friends and family that you care about what you are consuming and how it makes you feel. They may not understand or give you a hard time, but in times like this, you need to focus on what is good for you and your life. Please know that there is nothing wrong with caring about your health and taking care of yourself! And please know that you will always have us for support, and you should never put your health on hold because others are not ready to be there with you!

Q. Do I need to be a member of a gym?

No. Most of our workouts can be done from home, although we do have options for gym specific workouts too for those who enjoy going to a gym or studio class.  We ourselves do most of our lifting/workouts at home, but we are members of a spinning and yoga studio, and a kickbox/bootcamp gym so that we have options for changing up workouts and cardio routines (especially since we cannot always ride our bikes or go running outside in the winter).

Q. Do I need to do the workouts from the plan?

Yes and no. Nutrition really is key in order to have an overall healthy lifestyle, but it is important to workout – both cardio and weight lifting. However, if you have a specific workout regimen that you enjoy, you can keep up with your own routine while incorporating our nutrition. Some people also like to focus on nutrition first and get their eating habits in check before incorporating workouts so that they do not feel overwhelmed all at once. Read our article here on the importance and difference between nutrition and exercise.

We also have some free workouts here, but members of our nutrition plan will receive exclusive workouts that are not featured on our website.  Read more on this here.

Q. What if I can’t follow your plan exactly due to diet restrictions, travel conflicts, etc.?

That’s why we offer 375+ recipes and counting, and nutrition content in your full-length nutrition and fitness guide! We know everyone has different tastes and some recipes you will love more than others. The guide will show you how to shop for clean foods, how to meal prep, and how much and how often you should be eating. There are even day-by-day and meal-by-meal plans laid out for you in the guide, where we show you exactly what to buy, what to make, what to eat, and what to do for a workout.  And again, if you have to travel, you can still order out and eat clean!

Q. What happens if I derail from the plan and fall off track?

It’s normal! A bad day can easily turn into a bad week or weeks. We are all human, so do not beat yourself up! The worst thing you can do is to be too harsh on yourself, because you will just end up making more unhealthy choices. With time, you will become better at avoiding days and moments like this, but it can take time. The best thing you can do is to just start anew, go back to your plan, and get meal prepping. And please know that you will always have us for support too!

Q. Can I drink alcohol?

Elyse loves her red wine, and David is an IPA or a Cabernet guy (nice mix huh?)! So yes, you can drink on occasion. We do not believe in fully cutting things like this out because it becomes a mental mind game! Our plan lays out how you can enjoy things in moderation, but it also provides you with a ton of clean dessert and cocktail recipes too!

Q. Why don’t you ever run discounts or sales on your lifetime plan? 

Our full-length (lifetime) nutrition and fitness plan will never be discounted because you receive lifetime benefits. Once you purchase the plan, you never pay again for any updates and new editions of the plan – you receive them for free! Additionally, we want to be fair to all members who have already purchased the plan. Everyone receives all of the same benefits so it would just not be fair to have people reaping the same benefits as others, but at a lower price. From time to time we may have a promotion where if you purchase the plan, you may get free swag or other goods, but the price of the plan will always be incorporated into that bundle price. We also sometimes offer discounts on our basics guide, so join our newsletter here in order to hear about exclusive promotions not advertised here.

Q. Do you offer returns/exchanges?

No, not on the nutrition plans. This is because our plans are sent to you directly as an e-book for you to download, which means we have no way of truly getting the guide back from you. Please keep in mind that we do have “stamping” on our guides, which means that your guide is specifically for you.

Q. Do you offer lifetime plan member perks?

Yes! In addition to being a lifetime member and receiving updates, new recipes, new workouts, and new planned weeks for FREE, we will also hold giveaways, fun competitions/challenges, and other member only surprises and perks from time to time.  We also love hearing from all of you, so if there is something you want to see, let us know! Please note that member only perks are only available to those who are a member of our lifetime plan and not the back to basics sample guide. 

Q. If I/we want to be a featured member to show others my/our story on your site, how do I/we go about this? 

We love seeing how our members are doing and will sometimes pick people at random that we see have posted photos/stories on social media. However, you can also email us directly at contact@fairburnitoff.com and/or use hashtags like #FairburnItOff #TeamFairburnitOff and #FIOtransformation so we can find you! 

Please note that you do not need to be at a certain size or fitness level to be featured! You never know how much you could encourage and motivate others with your fitness journey, so never feel shy or worried!

Are you ready to transform with us? 


Have other questions? Leave a comment below and we will do our best to answer and/or add it to our FAQ list!  Feel free to email us contact@fairburnitoff.com too. 

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