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We are so excited and look forward to you joining the Fairburn it Off Nutrition Plan! Get ready to increase your metabolism, feel great, achieve your goals, and change your life! You have just made the decision to invest in yourself, so you should feel proud!

When you join the Lifetime Nutrition Plan, you will… 

🔥Eat clean with over 375 recipes to fit all tastes and needs
🔥Eat whole foods without worrying about counting or measuring anything
🔥Learn how to look at food differently
🔥Have step-by-step meal prep and grocery lists
🔥Sweat with great workouts that can be done from home
🔥Learn how to build a healthy lifestyle (no crash diets here) that you can maintain for life!

You’ll also receive all current and future editions of the plan for free! 

That means you’ll not only receive your full-length nutrition plan, but you’ll also receive the Spring & Summer guide, Fit for Fall guide, and the Holiday Cookie guide, plus all future guides to come!

What is the Lifetime Nutrition & Workout Guide?

The Fairburn it Off nutrition & workout guide will show you how to live a healthy lifestyle. This is not a diet! By becoming a member, we help you to feel good, achieve your goals, stay healthy from the inside out, and maintain all of this for life! We show you what to eat, when to eat, and more! Plus, we also love to indulge from time to time, so we show you how to balance all of this while adding in healthy foods and habits that will enable you to succeed and maintain your new lifestyle! 

If for any reason you are nervous, don’t be! Our plan is meant to be flexible to help YOU adjust and fit it into your lifestyle. Check out below for details on what is included in your lifetime plan and member perks:

The Fairburn it Off Burnin’ Meal and Workout Lifetime Guide
(one time payment – NO member fees)

  • All plan updates and editions (like the summer guide, and fall/holiday guide)
  • Nutrition must knows
  • Nutrition break down – everything from the “why’s” and “how’s” of nutrition
  • Tips for success to boost your metabolism and help you stay on track
  • Grocery lists
  • Lifestyle chart and calendar – How to fit it all in!
  • Food substitutions and swaps
  • 375+ recipes and counting!
  • Meal prep guides
  • Meal-by-Meal breakdowns
  • Specific weekly grocery lists and meal prep for you
  • 6 weeks (and counting) of ALL meals planned for you!
  • Workout assessment and guides
  • Exclusive workouts not featured on 
  • Exclusive email newsletter with tips, workouts, and FAQ’s for members only!
  • Free updates, new recipes, and new workouts whenever added for no additional cost!
  • Member only opportunities for challenges and giveaways
  • Lifetime Membership! You only pay once for the plan and then enjoy benefits for life!

And here are just some of the recipes that you will enjoy… 


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*Once you purchase this guide, you will never have to pay additional money for updates that are made to this guide or for special editions (think seasonal and holidays)! You will receive this guide as an e-book, ready to download and take with you wherever you go!

You can also check out our Back to Basics Guide, our shorter plan that provides a sampling of what you would receive in our lifetime guide. Please note, only members of our Burnin’ Meal and Workout Lifetime Guide will receive lifetime membership and access to member benefits.

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