Happy Monday!

Last week we talked about the many benefits of meditation and some tips on how to get started here.  Continuing the celebration of National Meditation Month, today we are going to expand on some different types of meditation. Everyone will have their own preferred type of meditation, but give one of the other methods a try since you can benefit from all of the different approaches.

Types of Meditation:

Mindfulness – This is the basic and more commonly know type of meditation that we focused on in part 1. It usually includes just focusing on your breath and sitting comfortably, with your eyes closed. You can see the tips and techniques for this here.

Guided – For some people, getting started with meditation and finding that right mindset may seem difficult.  You can do guided meditation with an online audio track or you can attend a class where an instructor will guide the class through a meditation session.

Transcendental – This type of meditation involves silently repeating a mantra while sitting comfortably with your eyes closed.  This meditation is sometimes taught in classes by instructors who specialize in helping students with the selection of the mantra and the meditation techniques.  If you do attend a class, just make sure to do your homework on any place before attending.

Yoga – Yes yoga is a form of meditation as well!  Yoga focuses on controlling your breath through movement and helps you focus your mind in the process.

No matter which style you prefer, give meditation a try by adding it into your daily routine. We love meditating in the evening, right before bed, because it helps us to relax and sleep better. Elyse and I will also often practice yoga earlier in the day to not only get in a workout, but also a little meditation practice. However, fit it in where it is best for you and your schedule!

Have a great week!




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