Happy hump day!

Your new lower body and core workout is below. Go through each exercise once, rest for 45-60 seconds, and then go through the entire workout 2 more times, resting in between each round.

For all exercises, complete 12-15 reps (you can start with more and build up, or just see how you are feeling). Exercises can be done with or without weights. 

Squat with Knee Twist

Perform a regular squat, and when you come up, twist your right knee in towards your left elbow. Squat again, and repeat the knee twist on the other side.

Single Leg Deadlifts

Keeping your back straight, come forward, lifting one leg back behind you. Your standing leg can have a bend in the knee. Come forward until you feel the tension in the back of your standing leg. Complete 12-15 reps per side. As a bonus, you can add a knee drive after each deadlift, by bringing your knee into your chest – this will challenge your balance!

Calf Raises

Holding a weight in each hand (or you can omit the weights), rise up on to your toes, and then slowly lower back down.

Fire Hydrant Kicks

Come into a tabletop position. Keep your right leg bent, but begin to lift it up to the side. Once lifted, straighten and kick your leg out to the side. Bend your leg and return to the starting position. Repeat. 12-15 reps per side.

Side Plank Crunches

Coming into a side plank position, draw your top leg towards your top arm, crunching in. Return to the stating position and repeat. 12-15 reps per side. For an extra challenge, try coming into a full side plank with both legs lifted.

Butterfly Crunches

Just like a bicycle crunch, only both legs are extended. Lifting your shoulder blades off the floor, crunch opposite elbow to opposite leg. Return through center, and repeat on other side.


Come onto your belly and lift your arms and legs off of the floor. Staying lifted the entire time, flutter your arms and legs back and forth for 15 reps per side.

Rest 45-60 seconds and repeat the entire workout two more times!

Let us know how your workout went! Tag us at @fairburnitoff to share your post-workout selfie or you going through this circuit!

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