We talk a lot of health and fitness – I mean, it’s what we do – but sometimes it’s good to enjoy other things in life.  After all, it’s part of the whole lifestyle, right!?

I think it’s no surprise that David and I are animal obsessed! We love all fur babies, especially our senior cat, Amber. I mean, belly rubs and snuggles from this girl.. who could resist!?

After David and I were married and purchased our first home together, we decided to adopt our first pet together. We ended up falling for a senior cat beauty, Jovie. She was just 9 years-old, and she instantly won us over. Pretty soon we couldn’t remember what life was like without her! We even called ourselves the three amigos.

Unfortunately, shortly after Jovie’s 1 year adoptiversary, she unexpectedly passed away. It was truly one of the hardest and most shocking days for us. We were so heartbroken, but we knew that we wanted to do something in her honor.

We reached out to the MSPCA – the animal shelter we adopted her from – and said we wanted to donate. However, we didn’t feel like that was enough. Jovie, and inadvertently, the MSPCA, had changed our lives, so we wanted to do more. Since Jovie was a senior lady who had some serious dental needs, the MSPCA thought it would be a nice idea to have us sponsor a day of dental surgeries for senior cats, so that whoever adopted them, would not have to incur the cost. And with that, Jovie’s Dental Day was born!

Last year, we were able to cover the cost of 7 dental surgeries for senior cats, who were then all adopted! This past Friday, for the 2nd annual Dental Day, we were able to help 7 more cats,  4 of whom are already adopted! 

We were lucky enough to be in the surgery room with the animals, and were able to help other cats and dogs recover from their various surgeries. It was truly an amazing day, and the vets and staff at the MSPCA were remarkable! Although it is hard to see animals in cages, we take a step back and remember just how much the MSPCA is really trying to help these animals. It’s never easy, but we are thankful that shelters like theirs exist!

If you missed our Instagram story last Friday, don’t worry! We saved all of the images and videos from the day and compiled them for you below. Oh, and we are of course sharing the photos of all of the animals we helped, so be sure to check them out and maybe adopt one! 🙂

The best part? All of the senior cats, not just the ones below, are FREE to adopt during the entire month of July at all MSPCA locations (Methuen, Boston, & Cape Cod, Massachusetts)! Visit their site here to view all of the adoptable animals!

*Please be forewarned, some of the images are of animals in, about to be in, or just coming out of surgery. If you have a sensitive stomach, it is probably best that you do not watch.*

Abby Road – Still awaiting her forever home!

Abby Road is such a sweet little girl with no tail, and is a munchkin kitty! She is 12 years young and she was surrendered because her owner passed away. This poor girl is having a very hard time adjusting to shelter life – I mean, her world was just turned upside down – so if you visit her, please keep that in mind. To read more on this little beauty or visit her, see her bio here.

(Update – we visited Abby Road again, and she is still not doing well in the shelter. However, after we gave her some time and she realized we were not going to hurt her, she started to purr. Please give this girl a chance!)

Honey – Still awaiting her forever home!

Although Honey was not one of our patients for dental day, she really left her mark with me. Poor Honey has been at the shelter since March! She is 9 years young and has a heart murmur. Heart problems can usually go undetected in cats until it is too late, which is what happened with our previous baby, Jovie. However, although this could shorten Honey’s life, we want to make sure that what life she does have, is spent in a loving home. Please consider adopting this beautiful girl, or spreading the word to someone who will. You can read her full bio here.

(Update – we visited Honey again, and she really is such a little honey! She is a love bug, so soft, and just wants a home. She is a hospice care kitty because her heart murmur will shorten her life. However, as hard as it will be to lose this beautiful girl, it will be worth it to have her in a loving home, even if it is only for a short period of time. Please spread the word on Honey! We’d take her, but she really should not be with other animals or kids, as high stress could impact her health for the worse)

Alador –  Adopted!

Alador is a heartbreaker! He is so sweet and such a great kitty! This is the poor bugger who lost 16 teeth, and unfortunately, he also has diabetes – and he is only 7! We think his diabetes is the reason why he has yet to be adopted, because otherwise, he is so loving. I understand that a pet with health problems can be scary, and you would have to give Alador insulin, but it is certainly a lot scarier than it sounds! We currently have to give our cat medications twice a day because of her health problems that she had when we adopted her, and it is honestly second nature now. Please spread the word on sweet Alador and help him find his forever home. You can see his full bio here.

Alvin – Adopted!

Alvin and his brother, Bruno, were adopted together! We’re so happy these two bros were able to stay together.

Brady – Adopted!

This bug-eyed bugger was such a funny character! When he woke up from his surgery, he was ready to go! And fortunately, he did go… to his forever home!

Gigi – Adopted!

This talkative, loving, and finger-licking, girl has been adopted! To whoever adopted her, David misses her and sends his best!

Lissy – Adopted!

Lissy was the first patient of the day, so we met her while she was still hopped up on the good drugs! 🙂 However, she was so cute and so sweet! She was doing the cutest little rolls back and forth with her body looking for attention.

Precious – Adopted!

This silly girl was adopted right away! She was certainly a character – she slept in her litter box until she had to use it – so we are thrilled that she has found her home!

This is only a handful of some of the animals available for adoption at the MSPCA! There are so many more searching for their forever homes. Check them all out here, and remember, all senior cat adoption fees are waived through the end of July!

*Please note, we were in no way sponsored, asked, or encouraged to do this. This is something, aside from health and fitness, that we are fiercely passionate about, and love to do whatever we can – no matter how small it may be – to help fur babies in need.

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