It has officially been over two weeks since my father, Paul, started his health journey. Two weeks may not seem like much, but it is a huge step forward – not just for him, but anyone looking to get healthy!


If you missed the first write up on how and why my father started this process, you can read it here. Today though, we are going to get a little more personal and honest with you.

My father and I used to be very close, and then did not really see or speak to one another for six years. I won’t go down the path to explain all of the nitty gritty details, but it was not pretty. However, over the last year we have been rebuilding our relationship and seeing each other more.

When we reconnected was when I learned that my father was still having issues with his bladder cancer.  He tried to avoid the subject and acted like it was not a big deal, but he finally went back to his doctor (after avoiding and canceling his check-ups) to learn that he had yet another cancerous mass. Fast forward a year, and although my father and I have been able to work on our relationship, the cancer has still been an issue, which is why he agreed to start eating healthier.

After his most recent surgery when he agreed to start eating healthy!

Believe it or not, when my father asked his doctor about changing his diet, his doctor laughed it off and said that it would not do anything or help! To say that this pissed me off is an understatement. Nutrition is key when it comes to not only losing weight, but also to staying and feeling healthy! You do not have to take mine or David’s word for it. In fact, we urge you to research this and to even try it for yourself to see! Also, considering there are no side effects to eating healthy, what do you have to lose? And even if my father’s own doctor does not believe that eating healthy can help him fight his cancer, why would he not recommend eating healthy anyway? Isn’t it nice to not get sick, to be at a healthy weight, and to have more energy, regardless of age?

The sad part is that my father’s doctor is not the only person who feels this way.  In fact, his opinion is the prevailing one, as we as a whole society often treat symptoms, as opposed to taking the measures to prevent issues and treat underlying causes.  Do not feed the current “Disease Care System” by defaulting to giving up hope and handing over control of your health to a magic pill or surgery (see note below)*.  Sometimes, simply nourishing your body with what it really needs will help you feel great and prevent disease.  And please note, we are in no way against doctors! In fact, a couple of our closest friends are doctors and we defer to them often. We just want you to be aware and know that you deserve to not just live a long life, but to actually be able to really live during your years here, versus dealing with years of chronic illness.

With that being said, we have put together a final video to show you all how my father is doing. We are also putting together a new and special nutrition plan that our members will be receiving soon. And yes, it will include a plant based version, along with the acorn squash recipe that my dad mentions in the video!


*Please note, when we refer to the “Disease Care System,” we are referring to the fact that whenever a symptom or ailment presents itself, we go to our doctor, and he or she usually prescribes something to treat the current symptom you are having, as opposed to trying to understand what the root cause may be. This is not necessarily the fault of your doctor, as your doctor was taught how to treat symptoms and it is largely how our society approaches health care. However, rather than only focusing on one ailment, try to see what could be causing the issue. For example, if you suffer from migraines, try keeping a food diary and drinking more water. Often times migraines are directly associated with lack of water intake and eating unhealthy, processed foods. For more information on this, we recommend that you refer to the research in the book The China Study by T. Colin Campbell.

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