Good morning and happy #FairburninFriday! 

Today we are bringing you a special, 40 minute Power Yoga Flow, that is a perfect way to start or end your day (and of course has some bonus core work too). Whether you are new to yoga, have been practicing for awhile, or somewhere in between – no worries! Simply relax and enjoy. This 40 minute flow is for you! You may sweat, you may stumble, you may laugh a little – but we are all in it together.

Special thanks to Miles and Raya of @seacoastonassignment (@rayaonassignment + @seacoastflash, repsectivaly) for coming out from behind the camera to join us for this flow. We love sharing what we do with others, so to be able to practice alongside you is always an honor!

Share your post yoga selfie’s with us on Instagram at @fairburnitoff, and use the hashtags #fairburninfriday, #fairburnitoff, and maybe even #FIOsweatyflow 😉

Have a great weekend!

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