Happy National Relaxation Day!

Yes, there really is a day dedicated to relaxing!

Why are we celebrating? Because we want you to relax! Being healthy is not only about eating well and staying active, but also about remembering to take care of yourself mentally and emotionally. So often we put others ahead of ourselves or we let work take over. Before we know it, we’re tired, maybe even sick, but we continue on caring for others and working the next day.

So we want to celebrate you today! Go ahead, take a moment for YOU!

It can be 5 minutes, it can be an hour, or it can be the whole day. Just do something that is relaxing, and try to make a point to do this for yourself more often. Maybe once a week you go for a long walk, or veg out, or take a bath – whatever it is – after today, try to start adding it in once a week so that you can stay healthy for everyone else that you are always there for!

And if you are need of a little relaxing inspiration, here are some ideas:

🔥Change into comfortable clothes (or your birthday suit 😉) and relax with your favorite movie or music playlist
🔥Meditate (you can use our breathing and meditation tips here)

🔥Head out to a yoga class or practice at home (use the gentle flow here)
🔥Take a stroll somewhere that is peaceful to you (like the beach or your favorite trail)

🔥Get a massage
🔥Give yourself a foot or hand massage
🔥Get pampered – go for a full on spa day. And yes, men can do this one too!
🔥Pop open that bottle of wine you might be saving

🔥Let it all out! Sometimes a good loud yell can do the trick! And then you can do the next thing on this list…

🔥Laugh! Watch a comedy, play a game, and have some fun!
🔥Sit somewhere quiet or outside with a warm tea
🔥Cuddle with your furry pal

Have a relaxing day!

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