Spices and herbs are a great way to add flavor to any meal, but they can also have extraordinary health benefits! Yes, some of these are made in pill form and you can buy a supplement at the store; however, getting the herbs naturally with other food is more beneficial, because it is how these herbs and spices interact with the other nutrients and food that really allow them to shine!

This time of year, as it gets colder and the holidays approach, we start to cook with more spices and herbs. You are probably already eating many of the spices below, but we are highlighting the best fall spices, along with their benefits, that you can start using today!


Cinnamon spice really is everything nice. It may not surprise you to see cinnamon on this list. But did you know that it is an excellent way to control and lower blood sugar? And that it is loaded with antioxidants and can help fight inflammation? There are so many great benefits to cinnamon, that we actually dedicated an entire post to it with all of its benefits and ways to use it here.


Turmeric has become quite popular lately, and for good reason! Turmeric can help to keep you healthy from colds and fight inflammation, but it can also aid in brain health, specifically in helping to prevent and reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. And the best part is that it is simple to add turmeric to your diet. Simply add a teaspoon to a chili or soup, or mix it in with other spices and herbs in a vegetable saute and you are good to go. One of our favorite ways to enjoy turmeric though, is by indulging in a turmeric latte! Be careful though, many turmeric lattes that you can purchase at a coffee shop have a lot of added sugars and fats; however, your nutrition plan has a clean, tasty, and plant-based recipe!


Gingerbread anyone? Ginger tends to shine a little more this time of year in baking, but it is also quite the super spice! Ginger can help with nausea (especially morning sickness), cramps, migraines, fight inflammation, and can also help to reduce the symptoms and pain associated with Osteoarthritis. And this is all done by simply using up to a 1/2 teaspoon of powdered ginger! We love to add a little ginger to our oatmeal, but you can also try out this cleaned up Gingersnap Recipe for the holiday season.


Rosemary is such a delicious and aromatic spice. Simply roasting some vegetables (especially carrots and potatoes) with rosemary can be so tasty and make your home smell wonderful. But aside from taste and smell, rosemary has plenty of great benefits too! Simply adding a 1/2 teaspoon of rosemary can help to improve cognitive function, fight inflammation, and even protect DNA! Why is this important? Maintaining good health is done by helping to maintain our DNA. To add more of this spice to your foods, try the Rosemary Smashed Potatoes recipe from your nutrition plan, the Thanksgiving section of the plan and spice up your sides with a little rosemary, or the Holiday Guide with Rosemary infused chocolate and cocktails!


Gingerbread, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and an array of holiday treats use this spice. But did you know that cloves also have several benefits, including relieving toothaches? Simply dabbing a little (preferably in oil form) can alleviate pain. Cloves are also great for fighting inflammation and killing bacteria!

The best part about all of these spices?

They are all used in your NEW Holiday Guide that is coming out soon! Plus, they are already used in your Full-Length Nutrition & Fitness Plan, along with more beneficial foods, ways to use, and how to eat them. What’s even better? Nutrition Plan Members will receive the new Holiday Guide when it is released for free! That’s right – because once you join, we want to make sure that we are always sending you the latest and helping you truly live your healthiest life, free of worry and emptying your pockets. Learn more here.

It’s important to note that although all of these spices have wonderful benefits, that does not mean that you should rely strictly on these for your health. Using these spices, along with a healthy, clean, and plant-based diet is optimal. Eating a teaspoon of turmeric and then eating fast food each day will not allow you to reap the full benefits as if you were to eat turmeric with vegetables, healthy starches, and fruits.

Additionally, do not feel that you now need to run to the store, buy up all of these in pill form or start to add heaping tablespoons and cupfuls to your meals every day. Simply adding a pinch to a teaspoon of these spices can be enough! Too much of some things, like Turmeric, can actually have some side effects (see here). So there is no need to spend a lot of money at the store and over-doing it with all of these herbs. Next time you make a soup, sprinkle some in, or next time you are seasoning your meal, opt for one of the spices above. Having some morning oatmeal? Top with a little cinnamon and enjoy!


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