At Home Ab HIIT Routine

Happy Fairburnin’ Friday! Today we are bringing you a 10 minute ab HIIT routine so that you can start your weekend off with a quick sweat session!

Do this routine as soon as you wake up or whenever you have a few extra minutes to get in an added workout! See below for the follow along video and printable. By the way, you’ll notice a cameo appearance halfway through the video!

Ab HIIT Routine

Warm up:
20 Tipsy’s
10 Standing Pike Crunches
20 Seconds High Knees

10 Side Plank Dips (right side)
20 Second Plank
20 Seconds Mountain Climbers
repeat (do left side plank dips second time around)

20 Ankle Reaches
20 V-Sits
10 Plank Jacks with a Tuck Jump
repeat (last set of tuck jumps, aim for 15 to 20)

Cool down and stretch

Remember to refuel and hydrate! Members of our plan can try one of the many smoothie recipes (the Live Aloha is great) for a quick way to replenish, or you can try this smoothie recipe here.

Happy Friday!



5 Minute Abs

Need a quick ab burn? This routine is great for when you are in a hurry or just want to get in an extra workout. When performing the moves, focus on maintaining proper form (especially keeping your lower back on the floor when on your back), and remember to breath.  Inhale when you go back and exhale when you crunch or reach up.

10 crunches 
20 ankles reaches

10 toe touches 

20 bicycles 

30 second plank (on the last set, hold as long as you can) 
Repeat 2 more times with no more than 30 seconds rest in between

See video below for overview on how to perform each move.