Being Healthy is Too Expensive

Being healthy is just so expensive.  You have to buy all of these organic products and fresh produce, so you spend so much more money, right? Well, no! We actually hear this on a WEEKLY basis from people, and it kills us!

So why is it that everyone thinks being healthy is so expensive?

When you eat healthier, chances are you are cooking for yourself more and eating out less. This means your weekly grocery bill might be quite a bit higher than before. However, if you add up all the extra meals you were purchasing throughout the week (especially if you order out lunch), it is likely that your cost was much higher when you weren’t making all those healthy meals at home. Ultimately, we think what scares people is seeing a large number at once, versus smaller food bills throughout the week.

What can be done to help control my weekly grocery bills?

For dry goods such as oats or nuts, try going with store brands. Some stores even sell some of these items in bulk or in bins where you can scoop out what you need by the pound. We were shocked to find out the difference in price in going with store brands on certain items.

For produce, try checking out your local farmers’ market when in season. Not only do you get fresh local produce, but it often costs less. If you don’t have access to a farmers’ market, try buying produce that is in season as it tends to cost less.

But what if I do these things, and being healthy still seems expensive?

One of our friends always likes to say “Wouldn’t you rather spend money on being healthy now versus paying health bills for all of your ailments and hospital visits later in life?” We couldn’t agree more! Living a healthy lifestyle is an investment in yourself that will pay off for a lifetime.

We all know someone in our life who did not take this approach and has suffered illnesses that could have been prevented, or at the very least, less severe if they had just taken better care of themselves. Does that mean that we never indulge? No, of course not! Because as far as we know, we have one life, and we want to enjoy it! But on that same note, we also want to make sure that the life we live can be as long and healthy as possible!

Making your health a priority

Lastly, we have put together a list of some popular and well known products that people spend money on, and we wanted to compare the price to our own Lifetime Guide, which is $99. Please note that we are in no way shaming any of the products listed below, especially the fitness and health products since we appreciate that they help motivate people to become healthy, but the cost is the cost.  Ultimately, it comes down to whether or not you are willing to make your health a priority!

As a reminder and comparison note, our Lifetime Guide includes a whole nutrition breakdown of how much to eat, when to eat, and what to eat. It also includes over 275 recipes (including “on-the-go” meals), weekly grocery lists, weekly meal prep help, sample weeks planned out for you, and of course, LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP so you never have to pay for another update to our guide (we update twice a year to keep recipes fresh and information up to date). 

Things that cost $99 or more:
  • Not even a full year at a gym! Yes, even the cheapest gyms will run you over $99 a year (average cost of a gym membership is $58 per month)!
  • Amazon Prime – $99 per year
  • Tablet/iPad – Anywhere from $250 – $700+ and warranties are one year
  • A night out at a nice restaurant – it’s a fun night and sometimes needed, but it lasts for just one night
  • Average cup of coffee per 5 day work week at $3.25 = Not even a full two months worth of coffee! This average was also based on one regular cup of coffee and does not include any special add-ons or lattes, etc. Reports show that Americans can actually spend upwards of $1,000 per year on buying coffee out!
  • About 5 months of the cheapest Weight Watchers plan
  • Not even a 30 day supply of Shakeology ($129.95 for 30 days)

This list is not meant to make you think we never want you to go out again or indulge on anything! Rather, it is simply to help put the cost of your health and nutrition into perspective. That is why we work hard to provide you with what you need to be successful and help you to eat whole and delicious foods, all while keeping the cost affordable! You do not need any gimmicks – just the willingness to go for it! So, are you willing to add your health to your list of priorities?