Fairburnin’ Friday: Full Body Resistance Burn

Happy Friday! Get in this extra full body burn to start off your weekend – no weights required – just yourself, your Fairburn Fuel*, and a mat!

You can use your printable to take with you wherever you go, but refer to the images below for help on how to perform each move. The workout is set up so that you perform two moves one time through and then repeat one more time before moving on to the next set. Be sure to tag us when you are done and use #fairburnitoff and #fairburninfriday!


Full Body Resistance Burn

Squats x20
Calf Raises x20
Repeat Above 1 More Time

Forward Lunges x10 per side
Side Lunges with Ab Twist x10 per side
Repeat Above 1 More Time

Backward Lunges x10 per side
Pike Kicks x10 per side
Repeat Above 1 More Time

Push-Ups x10
Plank Twists x10 per side (opposite knee to opposite elbow)
Repeat Above 1 More Time

Tricep Push-Ups x10
Side Plank Dips x15 per side
Repeat Above 1 More Time

Bridge-Ups (or Hip Thrusts) x20
Single Leg Bridge-Ups x10 per side
Repeat Above 1 More Time

Swim it Out for 30 seconds



Calf Raises

Forward Lunges

Side Lunges with Ab Twists

Backward Lunges

Pike Kicks


Plank Twists (opposite knee to opposite elbow)

Tricep Push-Ups

Side Plank Dips

Bridge-Ups (or hip thrusts)

Single Leg Bridge-Ups

Swim it Out


*Fairburn Fuel is a part of Our Burnin’ Plans and is your combo of morning drinks to help you wake up in the morning, kickstart your metabolism, and aid your digestive system! Learn more here.