Fairburnin’ Friday: Treadmill Burn

Happy Fairburnin’ Friday!

Since the winter weather is officially here, we are bringing you a cardio burn routine that can be done on a treadmill! However, this workout can easily be done outside too.  You can even get really creative and try this workout on the stairs (just be careful – we want you all to stay safe and in one piece)!

The numbers in parenthesis represent the level/speed that you want to set on your treadmill. See below for a printable version. 


Treadmill Burn

Walk 1 minute to warm up (between levels 3-4)
Jog 2 minutes to warm up (between levels 4-5)
Run 2 minutes (between levels 6-7)
Walk 1 minute (between levels 3-4)
Jog 2 minutes (4-5)
Run 2 minutes (6-7)
Sprint 30 seconds (7.5 or higher)
Walk 1 minutes (3-4)
Jog 1 minute (4-5)
Run 1 minute (6-7)
Sprint 30 seconds (7.5 or higher)
Jog 1 minute (4-5)
Run 1 minute (6-7)
Sprint 30 seconds (7.5 or higher)
Run 1 minute (6-7)
Last Sprint 1 minute (7.5 or higher)
Jog 1 minute (4-5)
Cool down walk 5 minutes (your pace)

This is how you’ll feel afterward! Happy Friday!


Quick Heart Pumping HIIT Routine

Happy Fairburnin’ Friday!!

Blast tons of calories in minutes with this quick HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) routine! This is a great workout to get in when you are short on time in the morning or if you need a little afternoon pick-me-up.  It’s also one that we do during commercial breaks! So go take a few extra minutes and complete this routine!


Complete one full round and take a 30 second break before moving on to rounds 2 and 3.  Remember to hydrate before, in between rounds, and after! Show us your sweaty after picks with #FairburninFriday!