Transformation Tuesday: Alex’s Story

Today is a very special transformation Tuesday! Not only are we featuring Alex, a member from our plan, but he is the winner of the Winter Burn Challenge! For all of his hard work, Alex has won:

🔥Over $100 worth of merchandise from Dick’s Sporting Goods
🔥A $50 gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods
🔥A supply of pantry items from Bob’s Red Mill
🔥A box of teas from Traditional Medicinal Teas
🔥A box of chia bars from Health Warrior
🔥A supply of pea protein
🔥A dozen healthy donuts from Hippie Cakes Vegan Bakery
🔥Fairburn it Off swag!!

Now on to Alex’s story…


During the Winter Burn Challenge, Alex lost 15 pounds! Although seeing the weight come off is amazing, we loved Alex’s story, because it is a reminder that health is not about how you look or a number on scale, but how you actually feel and how you are fueling your body!

So without further adieu, here is Alex…

“While I feel I’ve always tried to eat healthy and stay in shape, as I’ve become a full-time business owner, husband, father, etc. my diet, weight and conditioning had all taken some hits from where they once were. I would often think of making changes to get back to a healthier way of life, but the day-to-day can easily distract from that and put you in a position to make eating decisions that are a less about health and more about convenience.

We had tried other diets, some with premade food, sometimes just cutting out some foods, but without any real substantive results, and there was never enough commitment to avoid the temptations and shortcuts. So, when my wife first told me about Fairburn it Off and what the program would entail, I was skeptical. I knew she had that level of commitment, but I wasn’t sure about myself. However, it was becoming evident that minor changes weren’t helping, and if I wanted to get results, this could be the way.

My hardest part was really in the first two weeks when my body was detoxing from cutting out all the bad foods I was so used to. It was well worth the effort though, and it wasn’t long before I noticed my cravings decreasing, my energy increasing, and the scale dropping. I was amazed with the amount of weight lost in just the first month. There were no false promises with Fairburn It Off; if you follow the plan, you will lose weight, and you will feel better. The Fairburn’s are always there to help, which has been great, and my wife and I can’t thank them enough.”


Alex’s story was and is a great reminder to this quote below (shared by another FIO member):


Congratulations again to Alex!

If you’d like to join Alex on his health journey, consider becoming a member of our nutrition plans today!