Holiday Cocktail: The CranBurn Royale

Happy holidays! Today we are bringing you a healthier champagne cocktail that takes seconds to make and can be served with any holiday meal – the CranBurn Royale! Think of this drink as a mix between a mimosa and a poinsettia, without all of the added sugar!

This is also a great drink to make when you just need to unwind and relax! With the hustle and bustle of the season, we always try to remember to make time for ourselves and one another, so remember that you deserve your moment to relax too!

  • Servings: ”2″
  • Difficulty: ”Easy”
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The CranBurn Royale

-2 Champagne flutes
-Splash of 100% cranberry juice, nothing added (about 1 tablespoon per drink)
-Half of an orange juiced (about 1 teaspoon per drink, can add more if you like the flavor)
-Your favorite Champagne, Prosecco, or Sparkling Cider for topping off
-Fresh cranberries and/or orange peel for garnish (optional)

Pour cranberry juice into bottom of champagne flutes.  Squeeze a little orange juice into each flute and then top off with champagne. Garnish with a couple of cranberries or an orange peel.

If you are entertaining and want to spruce the drink up even more, you could freeze the cranberries so they look frost covered and keep your drink cold longer.  You could also make a large batch of this drink in advance and keep in a beverage dispenser or bowl. Enjoy!


p.s. – we hope you enjoy our Charlie Brown tree in the background! 🙂