Traveling Part 2: How to Eat Clean & Still Enjoy Vacation

Last week we shared with you our tips on keeping up with your workout and fitness goals while traveling. You can see them here. Today we are bringing you part 2, and sharing how you can stay on track with clean eating while still treating yourself on vacation!

And guess what….

We filmed our most recent vacation to Hawaii to show you how we kept up with our meals and workouts! Watch below to see how we got creative with cooking, eating and working out, how David almost set a fire, a few special appearances from David’s impersonations, a cat, a rooster, and of course, beautiful scenery from Hawaii!

As you can see from the video, having a condo or some sort of make-shift kitchen can be a huge help when traveling! Not only that, but condos can actually save you a lot of money compared to a hotel! After all, healthy living does involve not being stressed out on vacation about money!

Regardless of where you are staying, here are some great ways you can stay on track with clean eating:

Cook some meals for yourself. Isn’t it so nice to just roll out of bed, put on some coffee or tea and enjoy breakfast without having to go out? Yes, sometimes going out can be fun, but simply starting your day off with a healthy, home-cooked, meal, can really help to set you up for success for the rest of the day. Don’t have a full kitchen? That’s okay! Get creative with what you have (see how we used our microwave in the video), or make some healthy bars from your nutrition plan to take with you. We made the blueberry oat bars from the nutrition plan and the peanut butter oat bars here.

If you are in an area where a hotel is a better option or you are traveling for work, opt for an extended stay hotel with a kitchen. We love staying at places like Residence Inns because they have mini-kitchens.

🔥Grocery shop
This of course goes along with cooking, but just take a moment out of your first night or day in the area you are traveling, and grocery shop. This will help you to pick out healthy items, and it will actually help you to save money because you won’t be worrying about purchasing every meal out at a restaurant. We personally try to eat our breakfasts, snacks, and some lunches in, and we will go out for dinner (although we will cook a few dinners in, especially if we have a beautiful view from a balcony). Grocery shopping on vacation may not seem ideal, but it ends up being a huge time and money saver!

🔥Bring food with you
As we mentioned with the protein bars, you can cook some items in advance and bring them with you! This is very helpful for the airplane or in the car, but can also be great for a quick breakfast or snack when traveling. We also bring our plant protein with us! We have brought the entire jug and security scans it to make sure it’s not a bomb, but it’s worth the extra 30 second hold up! Most recently though we just brought individual protein packets (great for traveling), because we had limited room. If you don’t have the packets, you can scoop and portion out your protein into little baggies and security will most likely just scan them to make sure they are safe (we have done this too).

🔥Look up new restaurants
It is okay to go out to eat! We do it all of the time, and we ate many dinners out while on vacation. However, we googled “healthy places to eat in Haleiwa” and found some really great options! We don’t plan out our entire vacation beforehand and will often just take it day by day, but having some idea of where to eat can take off some of the stress. Even if you are not eating at a “healthy” restaurant, there are healthy meals to be had! Opt for dishes that are not fried, fish, chicken, or even tofu (tofu can be so darn good) entrees, salads, and sides like brown rice or veggies. For sushi, we actually ask for brown rice instead of white, or ask them to just leave the rice off all-together.

🔥Fast food
In an area where there are not many restaurants or you’re on your works dime? That’s okay – there are plenty of healthy fast food options too! Whether you’re in Texas, upstate New York, Kansas, or Hawaii, healthy fast food options can be found. Look out for juice bars and smoothie stands. They are everywhere, and they typically serve some healthy bowls too, which are a great lunch or dinner option! On our most recent vacation we hit up the local lemonade stand because they served amazing acai bowls. When we were in Chicago for work, we found a place called The Protein Bar, which was also a fast food healthy foods lunch spot. You can even go to a place like Panera, and opt for their salads or veggie soups. Just be careful not to be tempted by all of the pastries!

🔥Eat local
If you are in a place known for certain foods or are in a tropical area, then indulge in the local produce and enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables! If you are somewhere warm, there are usually farmers markets happening constantly, so you can check them out and buy some fresh snacks there too! Doing this will help you to eat clean and enjoy fresh produce as a snack or side to hold you over in between meals.

🔥Drink up
We will always say this, but you need to drink water. When you are on vacation you may drink more alcohol (and that is okay we want you to have fun), but make sure you are staying hydrated too. Have water with you at all times and drink water in between and/or with every drink that you have. This is our way of double fisting!