Weekly Burn & Week 7

It is Week 7 of the Winter Burn Challenge! There are only two full weeks left, so make sure to sweat every day, keep up with your clean eating, and drink at least 70-90 ounces of water per day! For these last two weeks, we are also adding a “shredding” component to your daily workouts. That means that every day, you will be doing some form of cardio.

And if you need a little extra motivation for these last two weeks, just know that on your last day of the challenge, it is the first day of Spring!


Full Body Resistance Burn, Core Challenge, and 1-2 Mile Walk.

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Challenge: As most of you have heard by now, we very unexpectedly lost our love, Jovie, last week. Thankfully, we smothered her with love every single day that we had her, but your challenge today is to just appreciate the small things. Hug your kids, your spouse, or even your fur baby, and just take it all in. 

If you’d like to see our tribute to our munchkins, you can read it here. 


2-3 Mile Run, Upper Body Burn, and Core Challenge


Challenge: For #transformationtuesday, if you have not shared your health journey yet with someone, take the time to do so today. Don’t be afraid to own and be proud of the fact that you are taking care of yourself! 


Spinning (or bike for at least 30 minutes), Yoga, and Core Challenge


Follow up your hump day workouts by trying out one of these healthy recipes here, or your favorite breakfast from your plan!


30 Minutes of Cardio (your choice), Lower Body Burn or Lower Body with Ab Burn from your plan, and Core Challenge

green tea

Challenge: After you drink your Fairburn Fuel, sip on lemon water all day and have a cup of tea in the evening. 


Body Weight HIIT Routine or Feel the Burn HIIT from your plan, Core Challenge, and Evening Walk.



1-2 Mile Walk, Core Challengeand Unwind. 


Challenge: Relax and unwind with a loved one. Whether it’s a date night out or simply drinking tea on the couch together, enjoy your evening. 


Run/Jog 3+ Miles for Sunday Runday, Core Challenge, and Meal Prep!

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Challenge: Revisit your goals! Whether they were New Years resolutions or just goals you wrote with us in January, revisit them. See how far you’ve come. What has changed? What’s the same? What do you want to cross off? What do you want to add? Never forget about your goals and always revisit them. 

Have a great week!