Your Weekly Burn and Week 3 of the Winter Burn Challenge!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Today is a day where it is important to keep your water intake up! Aim for a gallon of water to help you stay hydrated and to “flush” you out. We are not going to say that you cannot touch a single buffalo wing or french fry today, but please be mindful. If you know you are having a Super Bowl party with a lot of unhealthy foods, then be sure to eat very clean leading up to the party and only snack on those items that you truly like!

Our top 5 tips for holiday eating will really come in handy today, so read them here. 

Images of recipes featured from our Lifetime Plan here and popcorn recipes here.

If you are a member of our plan, consider whipping up one of the chili recipes and letting it simmer in a crock pot. Or maybe make our pizza and follow it up with some chocolate macaroons (and yes, it’s okay to be cheesy and shape them into footballs). There are plenty of game-worthy recipes and treats in your plan, so take advantage! If you are not a member yet, you can join here:


Now onto your Week 3 Schedule! If you haven’t signed up for the Winter Burn Challenge yet, you still can – for free – here! Once you sign up, you will receive a Welcome Packet with tips and recipes. So stay on track with us this season and you could win some great prizes!


Lower Body Burn and add on these 3 Arm Moves. 



3 mile run and your favorite Ab workout from here or your lifetime plan!

Warm-up featured from the Fairburnin’ Core workout in the Lifetime Plan here.



NEW Body Weight HIIT Routine!

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Your new, follow-along, workout video will be posted today, so be sure to get up early to workout with us before you head to work!

Use #FairburnHIIT right after you complete your workout!


30 Minutes of Walking, Biking, Running, or Swimming and Upper Body Burn or All Around Arms from your Lifetime Plan.


Challenge: It’s thirsty Thursday, so drink 1 gallon of water today! Keep a bottle of water by your side all day to remind you to keep drinking and stay hydrated. 


It’s #FairburninFriday! Try something new – maybe a cross-fit class, spinning, orange theory, barre, or yoga.


Challenge: Do something active with someone you love! Celebrate Valentine’s Weekend with your spouse, significant other, or even a friend, and do a workout together! We’ll be going to a Yoga class that I am teaching!


Long run and foam roll

Aim to run 5 miles today and use one of our running guides here. Maybe you do this all the time, or maybe you are still working up to 3 miles, but you can do it. You don’t have to be a speed demon. Just challenge yourself to add on the extra distance. Once you run/jog a certain distance, all of the miles start to blur together anyway!


Challenge: We know this weekend is Valentine’s Day weekend, so if you have plans for a date night out or in, try to get in some meal prep in advance today so you are prepared for the week ahead. 


Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Enjoy an active rest day and finish up any meal prep for the week. And if you haven’t already, be sure to treat yourself to a healthy treat from your plan or the new dessert that we will be posting later this week!


Have a great week!

Your Burnin’ Duo,

David & Elyse