Asparagus: Why it’s Awesome for You!

Happy #FairburninFriday!

To kick off the weekend, we are featuring one of our favorite spring side dishes that you can add to any meal this weekend – Asparagus!

You know it is spring when you see an abundance of fresh asparagus popping up at your market, but did you know that asparagus packs a major healthy punch? This versatile veggie can be prepared in so many ways – from roasting, boiling, mashing into soup, and chopping up into stir fry’s – so it is a favorite in the Fairburn it Off Program!


In addition to how easy it is to cook with, we also love asparagus for these reasons:
🔥It is filled with nutrients, like fiber and vitamins A, C, E, and K
🔥It is a powerful antioxidant to help slow aging
🔥It can help protect against certain cancers
🔥It serves as a natural diuretic to help release fluids and excess salts (so goodbye puffiness and bloating)!

Although we eat asparagus every week, we cannot talk about this vegetable without mentioning what it can do to your urine. Sorry, but it is time for some necessary potty talk… After you eat asparagus and use the bathroom, please do not run to the hospital! The first time we ate asparagus, we panicked! The discoloration and odor can be quite unsettling, but it is normal! By the next day, it will have subsided and things should turn back to normal.

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