Body Weight HIIT Routine

Your new HIIT routine is here! This routine does not require any weights, so it is perfect to do when you are traveling, snowed in, or just want a full body workout from the comfort of your own home.

This workout is a follow along routine, so there is no printable. Be sure to have some water nearby and refuel with a healthy meal from your burnin’ plan afterward!

Not a member yet? That’s okay! We have some recipes that you can choose from here to refuel with, or you can join below today!


At Home Ab HIIT Routine

Happy Fairburnin’ Friday! Today we are bringing you a 10 minute ab HIIT routine so that you can start your weekend off with a quick sweat session!

Do this routine as soon as you wake up or whenever you have a few extra minutes to get in an added workout! See below for the follow along video and printable. By the way, you’ll notice a cameo appearance halfway through the video!

Ab HIIT Routine

Warm up:
20 Tipsy’s
10 Standing Pike Crunches
20 Seconds High Knees

10 Side Plank Dips (right side)
20 Second Plank
20 Seconds Mountain Climbers
repeat (do left side plank dips second time around)

20 Ankle Reaches
20 V-Sits
10 Plank Jacks with a Tuck Jump
repeat (last set of tuck jumps, aim for 15 to 20)

Cool down and stretch

Remember to refuel and hydrate! Members of our plan can try one of the many smoothie recipes (the Live Aloha is great) for a quick way to replenish, or you can try this smoothie recipe here.

Happy Friday!



Quick Heart Pumping HIIT Routine

Happy Fairburnin’ Friday!!

Blast tons of calories in minutes with this quick HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) routine! This is a great workout to get in when you are short on time in the morning or if you need a little afternoon pick-me-up.  It’s also one that we do during commercial breaks! So go take a few extra minutes and complete this routine!


Complete one full round and take a 30 second break before moving on to rounds 2 and 3.  Remember to hydrate before, in between rounds, and after! Show us your sweaty after picks with #FairburninFriday!

HIIT with Stairs!

Today we are showing you how to get in a great workout just by using stairs! This is one of our favorite workouts to do because if we are in a rush, we know that we can still work up a sweat in a short amount of time!

You can take a printout of this routine (see below) and use the video as a reference to show you how to perform each move. No matter where you complete this routine, be sure to keep moving and try to get through the entire routine without stopping! Take a quick sip of water if needed, but keep your heart rate up!

Stair Burn Workout

Walk up and down stairs a couple of times to warm up
Jog up and down stairs two times
Jump rope in place 30 seconds
Jog up and down stairs once
15 push ups
Jog up and down stairs once
20 v-sits
Jog up and down stairs once
20 tricep dips
Jog up and down stairs once
10 commandos
Jog up and down stairs once
Side plank dips (10 each side)
Jog up and down stairs once
30 second plank
Jog up and down stairs once
Walk up and down stairs once to cool down