Traveling Part 1: How to Stay on Track with Workouts

Today we are bringing you part 1 of our traveling tips – how to stay on track with workouts. Part 2 will cover how to eat well while still enjoying your travels!

As you may know, we recently went on vacation for two weeks and needed to find time to fit in workouts. We also travel a lot for business, so it can get tough bouncing around hotels and having smaller spaces to work with. However, it can be done! Here is how:

🔥Commit to doing something
Even if you wake up and it is only 5-10 minutes of yoga or something light, just commit to waking up and moving. Typically when you are on vacation, you are more likely to wake up early to start your day, so take advantage and head out for a sunrise walk or run.

🔥HIIT it
We purposely post workouts that can be done from home or when traveling, and have plenty of quick on-the-go workouts that you can choose from here.  On our most recent vacation, we did the following workouts:


🔥Go play
When you are traveling you tend to workout without even realizing it! If you have ever tried hiking, paddle boarding, or swimming with dolphins – you are moving! So keep playing and having fun on vacation. Try kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, biking, etc., and you will be getting in a great workout.

🔥Try something new
Whether you are on the beaches of Hawaii or stuck in a random place for a business trip, take advantage of your location to try something new. Maybe that’s doing one of the “play” activities above, or maybe it’s trying a new fitness studio that is unique to that location. Whenever we travel we always look ahead of time to see what fitness studios are nearby. When we were recently traveling for business we saw that a Soul Cycle was walking distance from our hotel – so we went! We also just tried a beach yoga class while on vacation that we found when we simply googled “beach yoga in Kauai’i.” There are so many new boutique fitness studios out there too, so it’s pretty easy to find something!


🔥Get creative
Sometimes you may be stuck in a cramped hotel or in an airport, so get creative. Do some tricep dips on your suitcase or incline push-ups against your bed. Even if you are only moving for a few minutes, when you are traveling, those few minutes can truly make a world of a difference! And yes, we really do this! Especially when we have long or connecting flights, we are those people doing push-ups or glut kick-backs to keep the blood flowing!

🔥Walk it out
No matter where you are, go for a walk. Take in the city or town in which you are staying, and opt to walk to places whenever you can.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you travel, and let us know if you find any new studios that we should try out too!

Top 5 Ways to Bounce Back

With spring vacations and Easter festivities behind us, this time of year can sometimes feel like a little “slump.” Even if you stayed on track with workouts and clean eating, travel days and vacations can certainly throw you off of your normal routines (I swear our feet are still larger than normal after our 13 hours on a plane)! However, there are plenty of ways to help you reboot and reset, and to help you get ready for the warmer days of summer to come!

1.) Get your routine back. 

This may seem obvious, but even if you worked out on vacation every day, your routine and timing may have been different. To help you stay on track, try to resume your normal schedule as best as you can. Wake up early to get in a workout, drink your Fairburn Fuel, and eat a healthy and filling breakfast to kickstart every day!

2.) Drink water!

We always say this, and yet we cannot say it enough – please drink plenty of water! Aim to drink half of your body weight in ounces.

3.) Go for a walk. 

In addition to your workouts, make sure you get up and walk every day. Even if it is only for a couple of minutes at a time, just get up and move. Aim to get up from your desk every 1 to 2 hours to move too! Not only is this beneficial for you physically, but it can help to destress you mentally!

4.) Asparagus is your friend!

All veggies are your friend, but add asparagus as a side dish to a couple of  your meals to help remove excess salts that your body may be retaining. And in case you missed it, here are the other reasons why we love asparagus.

5.) Just 10 minutes a day.

Remember to take just 10 minutes a day for yourself to workout, meditate, and to just focus on your health and well-being! If you are able to get in more than 10 minutes – awesome – but if not, make sure you take advantage of the time that you do have!

Happy Monday!