For Jovie: Adopt, Don’t Shop

We may be a little radio silent for a couple of days. Our challenge will continue and we will make sure to cheer all of you on, but we thought we should share why we ourselves have not been taking care of our own health the past couple of days…

Two nights ago, we very unexpectedly lost our baby girl, Jovie. She had been 100% fine and healthy, but then went into congestive heart failure, which made it hard for her to breath and created a blood clot in her leg, causing her to become paralyzed. This all happened within 10 minutes on Tuesday morning. It was the longest day of our lives, and hearing that there was nothing we could or could have done, just made it worse. Thankfully we were able to hold and kiss her as she passed away in our arms.


The past couple of days we have cried a lot. We have not eaten much, nor worked out. We know that this is not healthy at all, nor something we would ever promote. However, we wanted to use this time to help others know that we are just as human as you. We make mistakes, we hurt, and we do not always care for ourselves. But we have also realized just how important being healthy is. It goes so far beyond eating well and working out. Yes, we still want you to eat well and workout, but we want you to remember to take care of your happiness. Enjoy life. Enjoy moments. Go get a massage, go take a trip, or maybe even go finally adopt that pet you’ve been telling your kids you will get someday. Taking care of yourself in these ways, contributes to your overall health and wellness, and the joy that Jovie brought to us is just indescribable.

With that being said, as painful as it was to lose our baby girl after just 1 year, 3 months, and 15 days, we would do it all over again to have that time with our Jovie Bear. David and I will be sponsoring adult kitties at the shelter where we found Jovie (or where she chose us), so if you are thinking of adopting, please do it!

To help us cope, we put together this little video montage for our munchkins. Yes, we are crazy cat parents and so proud!

Below, if you’d like to read it, David wrote up a beautiful tribute to our baby, that sums her up perfectly! Thank you all for your kind words and well wishes. We have been receiving your messages and they mean the world to us. We’ll be back to burning it off with you soon!

A Tribute to Ms. Jovie “Boobinator” Fairburn.

When Elyse and I brought home our Ms. Jovie from the shelter on November 16th, 2014, little did we know how much she would change our lives.  She was 9 (16?) at the time and while we had our worries about adopting an older cat, we knew Jovie was the one for us and needed to be a part of our home and our family.  As Jovie would put it, she chose us to be her humans, and we were thrilled to be able to take her home.

We were told when we brought her home to keep her in a small room like a bathroom to get her acclimated.  She put up with that for all of 5 minutes.  We also tried feeding her every different kind of food she was used to having at the shelter.  She didn’t eat for 2 days.  This would only be the beginning of her awesome personality that we instantly fell in love with.  It was the beginning of our baby girl and munchkin being our little “boobinator”.

Jovie was amazing at running security at our condo.  She looked out for us from her perch.  She greeted us at the front door, in the shower, and at our bedroom door.  She was always with us and curious about everything we were doing.  She shot us amazing looks of disapproval, but also love.  We like to think we broke her tough exterior as after just a little while with us, she couldn’t hold in her love for us – and we couldn’t hold in ours for her.  Her hours and days-long greeting when we came back from our trip to Hawaii was one for the ages.

I will always remember all of her little quirks and her amazing personality.  Her love of snow, her strict sleeping schedule, her freak sessions with blankie (BJ), her sit up stomach cleanings, her hatred of birds, her scaredy cat nature with fireworks, drums, and most of all snow shoveling, her love of pickups from mommy, and her coming home from work greetings for me.  Jovie made us so happy with everything we have.  She made everything OK when we were sad, and everything that much better when we were happy.  She was one of the gang, one of the three amigos, and nothing else mattered when the three amigos were all together hanging out.

Jovie was taken from us in the most heart-wrenching and painful day I can ever remember.  One minute she was greeting me at the door after my morning run, snacking on her favorite tender tuna, and getting ready to settle in with her blankie.  And in the next 15 minutes, our lives changed again, as she lost the feeling in her back legs and was vomiting non-stop.  Our poor baby girl had congestive heart failure and a blood clot in her hind legs.  She was in unimaginable pain.  However, being able to get her to the hospital, and relieve some of the pain was something I will never take for granted.  The last couple of hours we spent with her holding her and petting her were truly precious moments.  She passed in our arms that night, and in much more peace than the craziness of the morning.  It was the worst day of our lives.

I reflect back so grateful for our 1 year, 3 months, and 15 days with her.  I never could have imagined how happy bringing her into our lives would make us.  Elyse would always send me pick me up pictures and videos while I was at work with Jovie’s status – usually sleeping or a look of disapproval that I was at work.  These are precious moments I will never forget.  While the end was horrible, and the time was short, I would do it all over again to have that amount of times with such an incredible cat, companion, and amigo.  We love you so much Ms. Jovie, our munchkin, partner in crime, and boobinator general.  We hope you are in peace and watching down on us with your perfect booby look.

RIP Munchkins