6 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

Do you wish you could sleep like this?


Or maybe you wish you wouldn’t pass or tune out randomly throughout the day like this?


Restless nights or waking up throughout the evening are far too common, and unfortunately, this can create a terrible domino effect. If you are worried and stressed before bed, then you will not get a good nights rest, which means you will be groggy and less motivated in the morning, which means you may not workout, which then means you may make not-so-healthy eating decisions.  Then, to top it all off, you may feel guilty about the day that you just had, which leads to you feeling stressed again before bed, and the cycle continues!

So what are you to do? Here are our top tips and ways in which we have overcome restlessness ourselves.  It is not always easy, but these methods definitely can help, so give them a try next time you are feeling restless.

  • Write things down – I (Elyse) do this A LOT! Often times when I am laying in bed, I remember something that I need or want to do, like send an email to someone. But then I worry that I will forget about it the next day, and it stresses me out! As a result, I actually started writing notes to myself.  Yes, I get up, write down something like “don’t forget to call about our cats vet appointment,” and then I can go to bed feeling better.  When I am feeling lazy and do not want to get up to write myself a note, I will usually turn to David (he loves this..) and ask him to text me a message or an email with the reminder so that I will see it the next day.
  • Yoga/Stretching – Taking some time (even if only a few minutes) to get in a good stretch or a gentle yoga routine can really help prepare your body for bed.  Plus, getting in a good relaxing stretch is great for your muscles and will help you recover from your workouts.
  • Hot Tea (Caffeine Free) – Sometimes something as simple as a warm drink can do the trick! Having a hot cup of tea an hour or two before bed can really help to relax and comfort you. 
  • Listen to calming music – This is an absolute must in our house! We have playlists with calming music and nature sounds like the ocean and rainfall.  Choose relaxing music that you like, put it on a low volume, and enjoy a calming night’s sleep.
  • No social media before bed – It’s tough, we know, but staring at the screen makes it more difficult for you to relax and fall asleep.  We understand that it is fun to catch up on the day through social media and check in, but try to reduce your evening usage so that your body has time to unplug and unwind! We usually try to get off our computers and phones at least an hour before bed – but two hours is really better!
  • Breath (the 6 x 3 rule) – This is a simple trick that anyone can do! If you are lying in bed and having a difficult time relaxing, just take a few deep breaths. Try to breath in slowly for a count of 6 (this forces you to not take a quick and hurried breath), then slowly breath out for the count of 6. Repeat this at least 3 times. When you breath in, imagine you are filling your belly with air so that you do not have shallowed chest breathing. 

What do you like to do to help you unwind?